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Became as soon as today on social media los battle: +++ Motors quartet full of +++ Ferrari car name leaked? +++ Pirellis tire test calendar +++

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This is what the Honda sounds like in the AlphaTauri!

After hearing Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault engines howling, the quartet is now perfect. Does he sound faster than the others?

The designation RA 620 H incidentally refers to the Japanese drive unit. The name of the chassis after the team's name change is not yet known. Certainly no longer STR 15.

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Ferrari car name leaked?

A hot social media rumor today concerns the chassis name of the new “red goddess”. It is rumored that in Maranello for the abbreviation “SF 1000” Has decided. The reason: The traditional team contests its 1st this year. 000. Mountainous Prix.

Unlike Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren or Alfa Romeo (Sauber), for example, Ferrari has never stuck to continuous names with consecutive numbers over the years. Starting with the “125 F1 “were terms like” Dino 246 F1 “,” F 310 “,” 150 ° Italia “or for 90 Birthday last year “SF 90 “.

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18 – inch tires: Pirelli still has that in mind

Charles Leclerc's tire test yesterday battle just the beginning! With the help of the FIA ​​and the teams, tire manufacturer Pirelli has once again set up its very own test calendar. The teams provide specially prepared cars for this. And this is what the schedule looks like:

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It is no coincidence, by the way, that there were no pictures from yesterday's tire test. Rumor has it that Ferrari has prohibited this …

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Nico who?

If that doesn't trigger fears of existence …: D

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Russell has nothing underneath: o

The Williams pilot battle on Friday for seat adjustment in the factory. Of course, there is no need for fireproof underwear … He dedicates this post to his rookie colleagues from last year who always tease him with the topless pictures: D

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