(Motorsport-Total.com) – Crimson Bull is “pretty happy” with the progress motor partner Honda has made during the winter break. Christian Horner reports this two weeks before the start of the winter tests. The Austrian-British team wants to fight for the world title in the season 2020 and therefore needs a boost in engine performance .

Honda, Red Bull


Crimson Bull continues to rely on Honda and is satisfied with the progress Zoom Download

Since the beginning of the season 2019 the top team drives with drive units from Japan. In Austria, Max Verstappen got the first Formula 1 victory for Honda since 2006. He finished the year with a total of three victories, 2020 according to Helmut Marko more than five victories .

Team Principal Christian Horner is confident that Crimson Bull can and will achieve this goal with Honda the title win will be possible. When asked about the development of the drive by 'Motorsport-Total.com', the Brit spoke of positive feedback.

Horner praised “motivation” and “will.” to the competition “

” You look quite happy. The engine has continued to develop in the previous year. This new engine is the next step in evolution . ” Honda had already covered many kilometers with the 2020 unit on the test bench. “Of course, we worked very closely to integrate the engine into the chassis.”

Honda in Formula 1

Crimson Bull drives off 2019 with Honda-Energy: We look at the history of the Japanese in Formula 1 More Formula 1 videos

Became once he particularly likes: Honda shares Crimson Bulls values ​​and attitudes. “This motivation and the will to compete,” he says. “They want to build on the three victories of the previous year.” The engineers in Sakura are very focused on taking the next step.

The trend reversal that Honda has managed in the past few months is “phenomenal”. “Especially when you see where they were five years ago and where they are today. That is very impressive.” After the disastrous years with McLaren (2015 to 2017) started 2018 Rehabilitation with Toro Rosso.

The Honda development of 2015 to 2019

The development of the previous year also contributed to Max Verstappen's contract extension. The Dutchman believes in the Japanese expertise, so far he has not been disappointed, he emphasizes. “They are very focused and the steps in the previous year were very good. Of course, as a driver you always want more, but so do you.”

Bis 2021 the manufacturer has so far committed to Formula 1. Verstappen has extended his contract to 2023, so he is hoping for a long-term partnership – also because the Crimson Bull is a continuous station as one Artwork factory team would guarantee.

“We looked very competitive, especially towards the end of the season.” After four engine levels 2019 Verstappen saw himself “very close to Mercedes”. As an example, he gives the duel between Lewis Hamilton and Pierre Gasly in Brazil on the start goal, in which the Toro Rosso was ahead.

“But I think Ferrari are still a bit ahead But in winter Honda made really good progress. We will see used to be the others made because of course they also improve. But I hope we have been able to make more progress. “

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