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Became los warfare today on social media: +++ Became the factory team plans to do +++ Button pulls in again BrawGP colors +++ Became really going on warfare +++

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Purple Bull starts from the top …

Namely the driver's helmet. Alex Albon is the first to show which design he will wear this year. It comes across quite dull. And it suggests that Purple Bull's car design won't change fundamentally.

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Auto presentation without a car?

Renault is trying the fan service today – but it has confused many more. At the end of the official presentation of the RS 20 they declare that it will start on Wednesday 14 clock should start and who will be there. But there will be no Dwell stream – moreover, you will have to be content with reporting on social media.

But the most important thing: There will be a “glimpse” of the new car. The car itself would not be physically present anywhere. After the first confused reactions Renault continues: “It is mostly just a show car anyway. We'd rather show you the real car in the tests.”

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Button in its world champion colors

News from Formula 1 World Champion 2009: After Jenson Button the Japanese Salubrious Leaving GT behind, he will compete in the GT World Wretchedness Europe (formerly Blancpain GT series) for the Crew Rocket RJN. The most spectacular thing is the design of his new work tool. It is strongly reminiscent of the design of BrawnGP …

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The winter break intestine summarized

We couldn't have described it better …: D

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We warned you!

Mercedes has had a lot of wind in the past few days and weeks around the new design of the W 11 made. The red sponsor area and the pretty, but otherwise familiar color scheme has not become a real revolution for the eye. It is much more important anyway what the actual car will look like. You can check here when we will see that and all the other new cars.

And here you can find out everything about today's design presentation.

16: 55 Clock

Afternoon nap is still in there;)

Most teams present their new cars in the early afternoon again this year. McLaren announced today that they were on Thursday at 14 : 00 clock so far will be. Only the drivers have to get up a little earlier … Is that a hint of a nice presentation video?

16: 48 Clock

Presentation week !!!

Time to show the winter break, where she can like united statesmal! The premier class wakes up this week with their new cars – not just their new color designs! It starts tomorrow. And when a “red goddess” is presented to the public, it is of course an evening event.

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