(Motorsport-Complete.com) – Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc go 2020 with different requirements into their second Ferrari season together – namely with the same! Before last season, team boss Mattia Binotto had decided that Vettel would be the number 1 driver, but in the new season both pilots have equal rights: “They start on the same stage,” emphasizes the Italian.

Sebastian Vettel, Charles Leclerc

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Vettel and Leclerc start 2020 under the same Requirements Zoom Bring collectively

could be subtle it is said that Leclerc received an in-team give a boost to while Vettel was downgraded. But the German does not feel that: “I do not see it that one was downgraded and one was upgraded,” he says. “We were both up last year, I didn't have another car,” he emphasizes. “I never doubted that last year. And neither did he.”

But the announcement was made. Over the course of the year, however, it became increasingly clear that Leclerc would not be the number 2 plucky. The Monegasse could not be got down and challenged Vettel more and more – until it crashed. The collision in Brazil conflicted the preliminary low point in the relationship between the two teammates.

Leclerc: We learned from Brazil

But both seem refined: “We both learned our lesson from Brazil,” promises Leclerc. He deliberately emphasizes that both drivers are driving for the crew. “A lot of people work on the car behind the scenes so we can do our best on the track,” he says. “Something like in Brazil shouldn't happen, but I definitely learned from it.”

Ferrari Commence: Interview Sebastian Vettel (German)

Interview with Sebastian Vettel at the presentation of the Ferrari SF 1000 for the Formula 1 season 2020. More Formula 1 videos

At Ferrari you trust both drivers that they have drawn the consequences of this and give them a fair probability: “Allow them to flee” is Binotto's motto. This is mainly due to the fact that Leclerc has shown after his first year at Ferrari that he is not just a number 2. “After a year, I think both of them have shown that both can fight for the best results at the very front.”

Leclerc in particular looks much better after a year of learning. Stupid mistakes like the fracture in Q2 from Baku should not happen to him again. But he knows where he needs to improve: “There is room for improvement everywhere, but if I have to pick one, I have to try to have a better view of the race,” he says.

Vettel remains careful

2019 there was fourth place for him in the World Cup, 2020 it should like to get better. This also applies to Vettel, who is happy when he looks at his new company vehicle is excited, as he says. “Whenever you see a new car coming together – even if the rules are the same – it's very exciting,” he beams.

Formula 1 cars 2020: Presentation Ferrari SF 1000

Unlike in the previous year, he did not want to be blinded by the impressions during the test drives. According to these, Ferrari 2019 was considered a big favorite, but arrived in Australia but came the great disillusionment. “No matter what used to be happens in the coming weeks: We remain cautious and hungry to start on the right foot in Australia,” said Vettel. “We are confident but cautious.”

And whoever will be ahead of the team within the team will emerge over time. “They will fight to position themselves at the front,” said team boss Binotto. In any case, nothing changes for Vettel: “We had equal rights last year and it is the same this year.”

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