The TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E personnel travels optimistically and with a clear goal for the next round of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship 2019 / 2020: At the Mexico City E-Prix, the staff with the Porsche 99 X Electrical return to the points. We drive on sections of the legendary “Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez” and at a height of 2 250 above the sea level. This makes the E-Prix in Mexico City the highest race in the Formula E calendar.

Questions and answers about the Mexico City E-Prix

Neel Jani (Porsche works driver, # 18)

In Santiago you only missed the gigantic pole by 0, 15 seconds , Can you make it into the Prime Six in Mexico in qualifying?

Jani: “Qualifying in Santiago showed us that we have the potential for the gigantic poles. I learn with every qualifying and with every race. Of course I want to take another step in Mexico. It would be nice to drive into the Gigantic Pole with both cars. Since the track has more grip compared to other Formula E courses, the conditions in the four qualification groups are probably quite similar, so the chances are balanced. ”

During your LMP1 period you were on the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez several times, but on the regular course. Used to be is your impression of this year's Formula E structure and what are your goals for the race?

Jani: “Compared to my previous races on this track, the Formula E-Structure has only two identical corners. Basically, the course is not a typical Formula E track and is more familiar to me: you have more grip there and there are no bumps. This is reminiscent of classic race tracks. It is a very fast course with long straight lines and long curves that will have a significant impact on energy management. Temperatures also play a major role there. They affect both tire and battery management. Basically, we travel to Mexico in a positive mood. The followers are always welcome in Formula E and it is great fun to race in front of this audience. We want to use our potential at the Mexico City E-Prix. ”

André Lotterer (Porsche works driver, # 36)

The structure of the Formula E track has changed a lot this year. Used to be is new?

Lotterer: “In general, the route has become significantly faster. Two sections are crucial: the first sector is completely different from last year and the last curve has no chicane. No other Formula E track has such a long right turn. This will be a challenge when it comes to tire temperature, especially for the left rear tire. It will be interesting to see how this factor will affect tire management. ”

Are you expecting the Mexico City E-Prix to be used?

Lotterer: “It is difficult to say what once usin Mexico will expect. Basically we want to get to the points with both cars. The course is more or less new for everyone, which is once intestine for us. This means we have no disadvantage compared to the other groups. And it's more of a traditional racetrack, which probably makes the driver's field close together. Due to the layout, you have to be economical with energy distribution during the race, which will be a decisive factor. The Mexico City E-Prix is ​​always a great race. The Mexican followers are very enthusiastic. When you drive through the stadium, you can hear the spectators from the stands. That makes this E-Prix special. ”

Amiel Lindesay (Head of Formula E)

Used to be, has the staff learned from past E-Prixs in Diriyah and Santiago what is related to the Mexico City E-Prix?

Lindesay: “We took what we had learned from Diriyah to Santiago and were better prepared there. Of course, the race didn't go as we would have liked it to be. However, we have made progress, which is fundamentally positive once and others. It is important that we always learn and maintain our positive mindset. The learning curve continues to climb steeply. This applies not only to the upcoming E-Prix, but to all other races. The staff are well prepared and want to attack again at the Mexico City E-Prix. ”

Does the staff have an advantage because certain sections of the route are known from the LMP1 times?

Lindesay: “This question is easy to answer: no. Formula E cannot be compared to other motorsport series, so we cannot use what we have learned from the LMP1 races. The route has also been specially adapted. Basically, we like the new Structure, which has significantly faster corners and a longer overall route compared to the last Formula E season. We are very happy with the two Porsche 99 X Electrical at the Mexico City E-Prix to go the originals. ”



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