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Pirelli Moist

41 aspects · 1 hour ago

I love the visuals. Very easy to adore.

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2 aspects · 6 minutes ago

I take it is miles unlawful to explain 2 autos at the winter assessments, is now not if truth be told it? In any other case I’ve yet to ticket why all groups explain handiest 1 automobile

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Cut Heidfeld

2 aspects · 5 minutes ago

They could take a look at with 3 autos if they will also simply. Its obvious that youre allowed to have handiest one automobile at the observe.

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Andrea Moda

-1 aspects · 1 hour ago

Why is the whole lot wide

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1 point · 34 minutes ago

Admire the nostril of the contemporary automobile.

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Sebastian Vettel

-3 aspects · 57 minutes ago

Guess I am going to be seeing Leclerc subsequent week then.

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