(Motorsport-Total.com) – Formula 1 teams are 2020 exposed to an enormous burden. The teams will not only have to complete the most extensive racing calendar of all time, they will also hold two championships indirectly. In addition to the further development of the current racing car, the teams must also construct a new racing car in accordance with the 2021 regulations. This will be a “fear rabbit game”, Renault believes.

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“I think this will be a big one Bother “, Renault Sport Director Marcin Budkowski admits to 'Motorsport-Total.com'. The double burden puts the teams under pressure. It will be particularly important when the focus is placed on 2021.

Die Teams know that they have to transfer as many resources as possible to 2021 in order not to risk, right at the beginning to fall behind. At the same time, they also have to further develop the current car so that they do not fall too far behind in this year's competition.

“We have a Belief. I'm sure everyone has one. This Belief provides for the development in this season. That does not mean that there will be less development, but simply more concentrated, “explains Budkowski.

He is particularly excited to see which team pulls the plug first and completely on the development for 2021 will swing around. “It could be interesting if the top 3 are fighting for the World Cup and it's a close competition.” But this also applies to the midfield teams, because those who are in a close fight for fourth place in the World Cup don't want to give up easily.

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He compares the dispute with the Cowardly or scaredy rabbit game . “It's about who blinks first and who changes first.” Above all, it is important not to distract yourself. “2021 is such a big challenge and the new rules allow a lot of room for progress.”

The Pole also points out that the advantages are very great if you use the 2021 he project starts as early as possible. If you overslept the changeover, you would not be at the forefront at the beginning of the new era. He also welcomes the fact that the new rules are more restrictive to make the World Cup more competitive overall.

“At the beginning of new regulations, the rate of development is massive. We will see that again. There are many possibilities To gain efficiency. So if you switch too late, you 2021 will get into trouble. “

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