Brawn: McLaren's separation from Honda battle right!


( – For Formula 1 sports director Ross Brawn battle, the separation of McLaren from motor partner Honda was not a mistake, even if the Japanese have proven with Red Bull that they have a competitive field topic available can put. Because for him, the separation from Honda marked the start of the turnaround at McLaren.

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McLaren and Honda: The battle until recently no big love relationship Zoom Download

“You have a few sensible people there, but it took a while to realize,” says Brawn. “People think they made a big mistake parting with Honda. But funnily enough, I think they used the snappy to realize they needed to be used by the crew.”

“You put the blame on Honda all the time and now you realized that it wasn't true,” said Brawn, the team boss of Honda battle. “By getting rid of Honda and getting a bar, they became aware that they had to do something with the crew.”

Comparison with the same engine battle important

McLaren had failed in Formula 1 on the Honda engine and claimed that a better engine could keep up with the top teams. But when you had the same engine as Renault in the car, you even slouch behind the factory team before you 2019.

Photo gallery: Honda milestones in Formula 1

Already 1964 is the first works Honda on a Formula 1 racetrack. The car will initially be piloted by the American Ronny Bucknum. Photo gallery

“I don't know how they would have come to this conclusion if they hadn't installed another engine in the rear, that other groups have driven, “said Brawn. “So they realized that they had to make big changes. And I think they did it. They took a very positive step.”

All midfield groups have high hopes 2021 when the field is mixed again. However, the top teams 2020 still have the big plus that the budget limit does not work and they can do the development again with great financial effort – that could of course harm the smaller groups.

Became once will 2021?

“You are very economically challenged. I know that is part of the complication,” says Brawn. “There are a few frustrated groups because they hoped that the budget ceiling would be lower. But we had to set a height that would also be easily accessible by the top teams. There will still be a dramatic change in the top teams used to be their structure concerns. “

The prize money distribution in the formula 1

Our video shows how unfair the distribution of prize money in Formula 1 is! More Formula 1 movies

Brawn is therefore optimistic that the field will adjust: “In this process we will put the midfield teams on a more level footing with the top teams. There is therefore a brighter future for these midfield teams, “he emphasizes.

” De Your new commercial deal is much fairer. The prize money will be distributed much more fairly across all groups. Some groups will therefore feel a significant increase in their prize money. This will improve their financial condition. “

Brawn hopes for Williams turnaround

This is likely to be good news for Williams, who has been stuck with the financial abyss for years and has slipped to the last place in the constructors' championship a worry. Williams was going through some really difficult years now. You can't go on like this, “he says.

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Ross Brawn keeps his fingers crossed for Williams Zoom Download

The Briton hopes that the racing team will make another turn. “After all, Williams is a great title in Formula 1, they have such a rich history. We don't want to lose them, “said Brawn.

” The fairer distribution of money should help them. But they can't always hang out at the end of the field and continue to do so badly. That will not last. We keep our fingers crossed that they will do a better job in the coming years. “

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