Toto Wolff: Formula 1 does not suffer from Mercedes dominance


( – Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff rejects the claim that Formula 1 fans of the premier class turn their backs on the Mercedes dominance. He sees the top category of formula sports “on the right track”.

Toto Wolff


Toto Wolff sees no arena in the Mercedes dominance Zoom Obtain

15 of 21 Mercedes won races a year 2019 in order to ultimately win the crew and driver championship for the sixth time in a row. Both the fans and interested manufacturers who are considering entering Formula 1 criticize the dominance of the German team. Wolff believes, however, that there are enough stories outside of the World Championship that make Formula 1 interesting.

“Mercedes won the sixth title, but is that why fewer people are watching? In my opinion, there are still always a lot of movement and unpredictable developments, “says Wolff. “A weekend ago it was never clear whether Ferrari or Purple Bull would go to pole. It was also never clear whether Max Verstappen might win a race.”

Another point legit Formula 1 is Conflict of the generations, i.e. Sebastian Vettel against Charles Leclerc and Verstappen against world champion Lewis Hamilton. Wolff believes that this storyline will cast a spell over many viewers: “It's great that the younger fan base is growing,” said the Mercedes team boss. “Overall, we are on the right track.”

A look at the numbers is worthwhile: Formula 1 speaks of 1.9 billion viewers a year 2019, became a new record since the season 2012. In addition, the interactions on social media and the digital channels of the premier class have been significantly increased.

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Pay-TV doesn't seem to be a hurdle either, like Wolff explains: “While linear television is slowly shrinking, this is not the case for Formula 1. It is one of the sports whose audience is growing, even though some countries have pulled Formula 1 behind a paywall. In the year 2019 there were almost two billion viewers, of which 419 million Abnormal Viewers. “

According to Wolff, Formula 1 is the fastest growing sport on social media. “Even the American leagues can't keep up,” he says. “So we're on the right track. Liberty Media did a good job when Formula 1 opened up to social media. It wasn't the tumble before. Compared to other sports, the numbers are huge.”

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