Toto Wolff sure: Hybrid is the future


( – For Mercedes Motorsport Director Toto Wolff, hybrid engines are the future in road traffic – and in Formula 1. Currently there are discussions in the premier class about what should follow as soon as the current V6 hybrid engines. There is no answer to that.

Toto Wolff

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Politicians and automakers are increasingly promoting purely electric cars, but this niche is occupied by Formula E. And Wolff doesn't believe that electric cars are the future anyway. He believes a prediction by the Daimler Group, according to which 2030 numerous hybrid vehicles will still be on the road.

In any case, the Austrian thinks these motors are kindly: “From my personal perspective, hybrid is a good solution. In urban areas you can drive electrically, and when you drive to the airport, you avoid that one of the Running out of juice because you have a normal engine, “he says. “This is the future for me.”

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He also sees no reason to look at to doubt the current Formula 1 engines, which, he says, are “the most efficient engines in the world”. “The thermal efficiency is more than 50 percent – there is no such motor again.”

But that's not all: Formula 1 wants to gradually increase the biocomponents and should rely on e-fuels in the future. The groups help with research and thus also help the street car industry. “And we want to help make the engines even more efficient,” said Wolff.

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