Verstappen: Ricciardo is still one of the fastest in Formula 1


( – Daniel Ricciardo's first Formula 1 season at Renault was disappointing. The Australian did not even make it onto the podium. The highest of emotions battle a fourth place at the Italian Grand Prix. He was last in the shadow of Max Verstappen at Red Bull, he cannot show his potential at Renault either .

Max Verstappen, Daniel Ricciardo

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Max Verstappen knows about the strengths of ex-teammate Daniel Ricciardo Zoom Safe

But of all times ex-team mate Verstappen jumps Ricciardo in an interview with the Australian daily ' The Age ' to the side. “I know that Daniel is very fast and I can imagine that last year wasn't the easiest battle for him,” said the Red Bull driver, who won two races himself.

While he was third in the world championship, Ricciardo had to be satisfied with ninth place at Renault. For the 30 year olds battle the worst overall ranking in Formula 1 for six years. This does not, of course, reflect the fact that used to be able to perform, Verstappen knows, who not only draws a comparison to himself.

Verstappen: Ricciardo battle at Red Bull faster than Vettel

“It is very difficult to deal with someone like Lewis (Hamilton; . R.) because there is no real comparison, but Daniel battle faster than Seb (Sebastian Vettel) in the year they drove together (at Red Bull 2014), and I've been driving by his side long enough to know that he's a very fast guy. “

At Red Bull Verstappen and Ricciardo spent almost three seasons together after the Dutchman 2016 surprisingly from Toro Rosso to the A-Group and replaced the degraded Daniil Kwjat. Verstappen remembers: “When I came to Red Bull, I was still very inexperienced and over the years I was getting stronger.”

Photo gallery: accident between the Red Bull pilots in Baku

Nach dem Scharmützel zwischen Max Verstappen und Daniel Ricciardo in Baku riecht es nach Stunk bei Red Bull: alle Bilder des Vorgeplänkels, des Crashs und des Nachspiels!

After the skirmish between Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo in Baku, it smells like stunk at Red Bull: all pictures of the pre-skirmish, the crash and the aftermath! photo gallery

Even if the relationship with Ricciardo due to incidents on the track, such as the internal team collision in Azerbaijan 2018, was put to the test, their relationship remained friendly ch – until today . “He was a nice teammate because we put a lot of pressure on each other,” Verstappen looks back.

Dynamic duo at Red Bull : “I loved the time”

“The battle was very good for the group because we tried to fight each other for the last one Finding tenths and it spurred the whole group on. It was great to work with him and I loved that time, “he enthuses. Red Bull driver Ricciardo would love to see him fight in the front again.

“Daniel smiles a lot and he's a very happy person, but I think he would smile even more when he races would win and stand on the podium, “Verstappen says. In fact, this is a stroke of luck for everyone except Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull at the moment. 60 the 63 podium places went 2019 to these teams.

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