Lando Norris: best buddies with Carlos Sainz? Not forever!


( – The relationship between Formula 1 teammates can sometimes be tense. In the past, greats of sport have repeatedly proven this, friendships have already broken down. A construction can be seen here: the more competitive the group, the tougher the internal competition. This is also predicted by Lando Norris at McLaren.

Lando Norris, Carlos Sainz


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“I'm sure that times will be harder will come to united states, “believes the Briton when asked about the dynamics at McLaren in the 'Sky' interview. Although he is currently getting on well with Carlos Sainz, he even describes the Spaniard as his “friend”. Nevertheless, this friendship could soon turn into hostility.

“Even last year,” reveals the 20 -Year-old, “sometimes there were situations when we liked united states basically anyway – but I was mad at him. We don't talk about that then.” The podium of Sainz in Brazil in particular was a disappointment for Norris despite all the friends in third place.

The stronger the traditional British team gets, the harder the internal duel between the British and the Spaniard could be. Norris still has a contract until 2022 , Sainz is currently trying to extend the contract.

The Brit had to suffer a second “disappointment” in winter: he has increased. That is why he is now foregoing his favorite drink. “I don't drink milk anymore. Sometimes I put a little more into my soon as in my smoothies. I don't live vegan.”

“But I don't drink milk anymore. I've gained a bit and I'm honestly disappointed. ” Norris was also disappointed with his public perception in his rookie season. He was often portrayed as a clown and a joker, which is why he now wants to make less jokes.

However, he couldn't help but joke a little on the edge of the test drives. He posed for the Twitter Fable des Groups with a notepad in the storage, on which some comments are also easy to read.

McLaren competes with Ferrari with the action. Because in the first week of testing Charles Leclerc was caught with a notepad in the storage. Stupid only: His handwriting could be clearly seen in the photos.

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