Lando Norris British GP helmet contrivance competition


level 1

40 capabilities · 1 hour in the past


$1000 to someone that sneaks a Dickbutt onto his accurate BGP helmet.

level 1


15 capabilities · 1 hour in the past

Any individual, please save the Irish flag there.

level 2


9 capabilities · 1 hour in the past

And the EU flag

level 1

Pirelli Moist

8 capabilities · 1 hour in the past

They made it so the public can’t vote on the a hit possibility. Wise replacement.

level 2

4 capabilities · 46 minutes in the past

In another case we would obtain repeats of this

level 1

3 capabilities · 56 minutes in the past

Give that boi some dank shit😂👌

level 1

2 capabilities · 25 minutes in the past

Oh fuck oh shit i feel accountable to mediate this as an art pupil, someone has any tips I might furthermore employ? some nod to Iracing maybe?

level 2

Michael Schumacher

1 point · 10 minutes in the past

Same boat nonetheless as a contrivance pupil aha, I’ll feel relish a failure if I don’t enter on the least 1 contrivance

level 1

With any luck the winner might be a correct particular individual fan and now not some knowledgeable contrivance studio relish ham and bottas helmets

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