Max Verstappen: Lewis Hamilton had no real opponent in years


( – “He is intestine, but not God”, that is the statement of Pink Bull driver Max Verstappen about the current Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton. However, the statistics of the past twelve years speak a different language: The Briton has won the title in the premier class six times, time and again he has prevailed against his teammates and with 84 wins he is only seven wins behind record holder Michael Schumacher.

Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton


Max Verstappen does not believe that Lewis Hamilton was ever properly challenged Zoom Obtain

Hamilton showed, used to be on it. But is it really only because the Mercedes driver has a superior vehicle and therefore cannot keep up with the competition? The Briton has been driving for the Mercedes factory team since 2013 and Hamilton was beaten only once by his teammate: in the year 2016 warfare it Nico Rosberg.

Verstappen sees a clear advantage for Hamilton. He told Reuters: “He has only had his teammate as a real opponent in recent years. The car warfare was simply too dominant for everyone else throughout the season, because nobody could do anything about it.”

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According to Verstappen, Hamilton has never been subjected to a real “stress test” because he could always rely on his superior racing car. “It was a little too easy for him,” said the Dutchman. I am very motivated to be the first driver to put pressure on him, and he knows that. “

Pink Bull wants to move closer to Mercedes in the year 2020 to be in the Championship have a real chance of winning the title. “If you don't have the fire within you and don't believe that it is possible, you'd better stay at home,” said Verstappen.

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