Max Verstappen takes his father Jos Verstappen for a lap around Circuit Zandvoort in an Aston Martin


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Translation by Lucky Strike

Max: When it comes down to it we’re soundless fancy puny young people!

Jos to Max: Pffff “Lekker jongen” freely translated… manner to movement son.

Max: Glance at this/Test this after I strategy in from the shatter of the corner.

Jos: yeah it is truly noticable

Max: “Niet normaal!!” it is no longer customary!! (On this context he manner it in a definite manner.) It sounds as if it is a rapid line to have interplay the shatter of the corner on tale of the excessive perspective.

Jos: Yeah there are 3 layers ( I mediate he manner the peak distinction or assorted skedaddle lines)

Max: yeah that…(he would not fabricate his sentence)

Jos: Do not know if I loved it… (He clearly kind of jokes about his son racing so rapid and recklessly).

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