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( – The coronavirus and the associated lung disease COVID – 19 currently have a firm grip on the world. Once from the Wuhan region in China, the virus has spread and is now causing health problems in other countries as well. Many countries have therefore already taken measures to prevent spreading. Motorsport is also affected.

Ampel in Schanghai


In Shanghai the traffic light stays on 19. April on red Zoom Download

Always more sporting events are canceled for security reasons. The Formula E race in Sanya started, and the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai was also postponed. Further races and other events in motorsport are threatened. In our overview we provide chronological information about all developments in the Coronavirus Jam.

+++ 06. March 2020 +++

FIA establishes corona crisis group

The FIA ​​has responded to the growing threat of the corona virus and created a crisis group. This will now meet every two days to discuss the latest developments.

Brawn: “Can't do it all Cancel Corona “

Many are wondering how many Formula 1 races will still go to China. But Ross Brawn doesn't just want to cancel everything out of caution: “We mustn't take unnecessary risks, but we can't just shut everything down completely,” he says. If the world shut down their bulkheads, it would have an even greater impact than the virus itself. It assumes that the first three races will take place as planned.

Formula E: Rome also postponed

After Sanya's failure, Rome's ePrix has also been postponed indefinitely. “It is no longer possible to use the ePrix on April 4th 2020 to carry out “, announces the formula E. Once again, alternative dates are being sought, while other races of the championship are still under threat.

Bahrain stops ticket sales

The organizers of the Formula 1 race in Bahrain have just stopped selling tickets. First of all, the jam should be checked carefully before further tickets are sold. The spectator capacity may even be reduced, then ticket holders would get their money back.

+++ 05. March 2020 +++

DTM-Take a look at without spectators

After the decision to move the last take a look at from Monza to Hockenheim before the start of the season, the DTM umbrella company ITR announced from 16. to 19. March to be closed to the public.

24 h series postpones opening race

The 24 h series has modified their racing calendar. The 12 hours from Monza in Italy will not be as scheduled on 27. and 28. March, but on the catch-up date 10. and 11. July 2020 as the fourth season. On the original kick-off date, Estoril in Portugal is to host the first racing event of the series.

ACO: Le Mans will find instead of

According to the Car Club de l'Ouest (ACO), there is currently no reason to stop the legendary 24 hours of Le Mans to doubt. “Our calendar remains unchanged,” says the organizer of the long-distance classic. “We are confident that the 24 hours as planned on 13. and 14. June can be driven. “

Australia tightened entry requirements

The Australian government has tightened entry requirements. Who 14 Days before his planned entry to Australia from China, Iran or South Korea will not be allowed into the country. For travelers from Italy, a survey is now mandatory immediately after arrival, combined with a temperature measurement.

Formula 1 start is “ready to go”

Andrew Westacott, head of the Australian Astronomical Prix Commission, reports: “Everything is ready for next week.” In other words: As of now, the Formula 1 season opener will take place in Melbourne as planned.

MotoGP presents modified calendar

The Motorcycle World Championship has published a revised calendar. After the cancellation of the opening race in Qatar for the premier class MotoGP and the postponement of the Astronomical Prix of Thailand, the MotoGP season 2020 will now open on April 5th in the United States. Thailand will have an appointment for all World Cup classes in October.

+++ 04. March 2020 +++

RTL does without further on-site races

The Cologne-based private broadcaster had already announced that it would broadcast the Vietnam race from a home studio. More races are now to follow: RTL will not send any employees to Australia and Bahrain either. The European Sky crew is different: That will continue to report on the route.

No WTCR take a look at in the Motorland Aragon

The World Touring Car Cup WTCR canceled its take a look at before the season in Aragon. Actually, the cars should be from 24. to 26. March in Spain. A replacement test before the start of the season in Hungary should be announced shortly.

+++ 03. March 2020 +++

Brawn: No Formula 1 race without Ferrari

Formula 1 sports director Ross Brawn makes it clear that the Grands Prix in Australia, Bahrain and Vietnam will only take place with all teams, including Ferrari. “If a crew is denied entry into a country, then we cannot drive a race. No Formula 1 World Championship race, anywhere, because that would be unfair,” emphasizes the Briton.

Ferrari postpones Pirelli-Take a look at

On March 5, Ferrari would have the new 18 – inch wheels for the season 2021 for the second time, but due to the corona virus the take a look at was postponed in Italy. The Take a look at will be rescheduled in Fiorano as soon as possible.

Vietnam tightened entry requirements

From now on, travelers from China, South Korea, Italy and Iran will only be admitted to the country if they a) make a statement about their state of health and b) get into a 14 – quarantine for one day. Bahrain is also concerned and instructs the teams to inform themselves about their employees.

Qatar: Superbike World Cup also canceled

After the MotoGP World Championships, the Superbike World Championships also hit in Qatar. The second season station from 13. to 15. March 2020 on the Losail Circuit will be deleted. There will probably not be a replacement date due to planned renovation measures.

MotoGP is working on calendar conversion

MotoGP promoter Dorna Sports actions is working to find a replacement date for the Thailand Astronomical Prix in Buriram. The race could now be postponed to the fall and take over the Aragon date on October 4th. At the same time, they want to pull Aragon forward by a week or two so that Spain can drive directly to Misano (Italy).

+++ 02. March 2020 +++

Moto2 / 3: New schedule for Qatar

Because the MotoGP class does not drive in Doha, there is a new schedule: So is the Moto3 race for 16: 20 local time scheduled. Moto2 takes over the start time of MotoGP and goes 18: 00 local time on the route.

MotoGP tournament in Buriram will be postponed

After the cancellation of the MotoGP season opener in Qatar, the Astronomical Prix of Thailand will not take place as planned. “I am not saying that it will be canceled. It will be postponed until it can be carried out,” announced Anutin Charnvirakul, Minister of Health of Thailand. When the race will be rescheduled is open.

The Paunchy formulation does not start

The first race of the Japanese Paunchy Formulation in Suzuka is canceled for the time being. Like the Japanese Superbike series, the formula racing series should have started in Suzuka on April 5. The launch of the new Paunchy-Taikyu series is also affected: This would have been on 21. and 22. March should start in Suzuka.

+++ 01. March 2020 +++

Motorcycle World Championship 2020 starts without MotoGP

At the Qatar Astronomical Prix on March 8th only the Moto2 and Moto3 classes will drive. The background is the travel restrictions for passengers from Italy. In Italy, where the corona virus is already spreading, six of the eleven MotoGP teams are based: Ducati, Suzuki, Yamaha, Gresini-Aprilia, LCR-Honda and Pramac-Ducati.

+++ 29. February 2020 +++

Formula 2 driver in quarantine

Bad news for Christian Lundgaard: The Danish Formula 2 driver misses the test drives in Bahrain because he is in quarantine. Lundgaard battle with Renault in a training camp in Tenerife when the virus was discovered in his lodge. Because nobody is allowed to leave the lodge, the ART pilot is trapped there. Ex-Formula 1 driver Sergei Sirotkin replaces him.

++ 28. February 2020 +++

Geneva Motor Show canceled

The automotive industry is also affected by the virus. Given the epidemic, Palexpo SA has decided to 2020 of the Geneva Motor Show. Actually, the salon from the 5th to 15. March, but the Swiss Federal Council has decided that all major events with more than 1. 00 0 visitors until 15. March to ban.

+++ 27. February 2020 +++

DTM misplaces Monza-Take a look at

Because Italy is one of the largest trouble spots in Europe, the DTM umbrella company ITR has the DTM take a look at (16. to 19. March) moved to Hockenheim. “The safety and well-being of everyone involved is paramount,” says ITR Managing Director Marcel Mohaupt. The hosting of the race weekend in Monza by 18. to 28. June is currently not in danger.

AlphaTauri leaves employees at home

“The employees who come from the affected areas should stay at home,” confirms AlphaTauri team boss Franz Tost regarding the corona wave in northern Italy. Suppliers should not enter the Faenza factory either. Guests from the region, who should be at the Take a look at in Barcelona, ​​were unloaded.

Formula 2 take a look at takes place in Bahrain

Even though 23 Diseases have been reported in Bahrain, Formula 2 and Formula 3 should be able to test in Sachir in early March. The country shows itself cooperative with the flight regulations, because the Hitech crew, for example, battle recently in Thailand with the Asian Formula 3.

+++ 26. February +++

Vietnam GP wobbles

After a badminton tournament was canceled a week before the Astronomical Prix, the race in Hanoi wobbled alarmingly. The country has imposed an entry ban on Italian citizens. Meanwhile, work on the track continues unabated.

Test drives by the World GT Initiate canceled

The winter test drives of the World GT-Initiate, the GT-Cup-Initiate Europe and the Spanish Euroformula series, which should take place in Barcelona from March 6th to 7th, have been canceled. The second planned take a look at in Le Castellet from 20. to 21. March is currently not affected.

+++ 24. February 2020 +++

DTM watches Jam in Italy

The pre-season test of the DTM in Monza is shaking. Because the virus has broken out in the region, those responsible closely monitor the jam in the region. It is still unclear whether the take a look at can take place in northern Italy.

Formula 1 teams ready to catch up with China GP

It is open when the Formula 1 Astronomical Prix can be rescheduled in Shanghai. However, the Formula 1 teams are ready to postpone the race at some point if there is space. However, it is questionable whether the virus is under control in time. “If there is a risk, I am against it,” says Haas team boss Günther Steiner.

+++ 23. February 2020 +++

McLaren tightened security measures

The Formula 1 crew has denied anyone access to his premises who has 14 days in China. This is considered reasonable to protect the employees of the racing team.

+++ 19. February 2020 +++

RTL sends not from Vietnam

Since a cancellation of the Vietnam Astronomical Prix has not yet happened, RTL has made its own decision: The Cologne private broadcaster will not be accompanying the race weekend on site. “The entire Dwell program will be relocated to Cologne,” said the broadcaster.

+++ 18. February 2020 +++

Vietnam sticks to races

Despite the recent developments in the country, Vietnam plans to continue the Formula 1 race on April 5. “The race will not be postponed,” emphasizes Tran Trun Hieu, vice of the tourism office in Hanoi. Preparations for the debut in the Formula 1 calendar continue.

+++ 13. February 2020 +++

Corona virus also threatens Vietnam

Big question marks over the first race in Hanoi. More than 10. 00 0 people were around in settlements 40 kilometers outside the capital under quarantine because the virus was found there. This means that a cancellation of the Vietnam GP is getting closer.

+++ 12. February 2020 +++

Official: Formula 1 does without the Chinese GP

The for the 19. April Chinese Grand Prix is ​​officially postponed. The jam in the country makes it impossible to hold it. Organizer Juss Sports actions Community has asked for a relocation in consultation with the Chinese authorities. Formula 1 has agreed to this request together with the FIA. The search for a replacement date is running.

Asia GT Festival canceled

The Asia GT Festival, which runs from 13. to 15. March to be held in Sepang has been canceled without replacement. The start of the Chinese GT Championship will not take place either.

+++ 06. February 2020 +++

China possibly at the end of the season

The coronavirus is still threatening to host the Chinese Grand Prix. The Formula 1 officials continue to watch the jam and could imagine holding the race at the end of the year. The only question is whether there is room for the race at 22 appointments in the year. A decision should be made in the next two weeks.

+++ 05. February 2020 +++

WTCR: question mark about Ningbo

The China race of the WTCR in Ningbo was postponed for two weeks. However, the tournament only takes place in September anyway. Until then, the series wants to keep an eye on the jam. There is also a big question mark over the Macau prestige event.

+++ 04. February 2020 +++

Chinese Formula E driver plays it safe

NIO pilot Qing-Hua Ma traveled to Mexico City two weeks early for the ePrix. According to the crew, he did this “out of responsibility towards the championship and the people in Formula E”. NIO meanwhile emphasizes that all employees are “healthy and well” after the Chinese New Year.

Formula 1 teams discuss China cancellation

The Formula 1 teams will meet in the strategy group on Wednesday and will also talk about the jam in China. Meanwhile, a cancellation is coming from Russia: You will not exchange your appointment with Shanghai in September.

+++ 02. February 2020 +++

Formula E race in Sanya postponed

The ePrix in China will not go as planned. “Due to the spread of the corona virus, the decision was made in coordination with the Hainan province and the government of Sanya together with the FIA, not on the scheduled date on 21. March 2020 to drive the race “, they say. It is open whether the race can be made up.

+++ 01. February 2020 +++

Formula E is considering canceling the China race

Formula E is gearing up to cancel the ePrix in Sanya. “The health and safety of our employees and all participants is a priority of the highest importance. We continue to monitor the Jam and would like to make a decision together with the FIA ​​and our local partners,” says the series.

+++ 30 . January 2020 +++

FIA ready for corona measures

The international automotive association FIA has reacted to the growing uncertainty caused by the corona virus. In a statement, the association emphasizes that it is ready to take “any measures” to protect the motorsport community from the spreading disease. The implementation of the Astronomical Prix of China is still uncertain.

+++ 24. January 2020 +++

Formula 1 race in Shanghai in danger

The Chinese Ministry of Sports is said to have canceled all sporting events by April. This would put the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai at risk. The fourth season run is for the 19. Planned for April. The Formula E race in Sanya would also be affected, because that is already for the 21. March scheduled.

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