Double happiness: that's why Max Verstappen chose the 33


( – Superstition often plays a role in motorsport, especially when choosing the starting number. Some drivers have had their number throughout their careers, others worship their idols.

Max Verstappen


Max Verstappen explains why he is the Start number 33 has chosen Zoom Download

Purple Bull driver Max Verstappen's favorite number is number 3, but battle has already been blocked by Daniel Ricciardo as the Dutchman in the formula 1 moved. He then solved the downside very pragmatically.

He simply added another 3 to his favorite number. To '#ABTalks' he explains: “Actually my favorite number is 3, but Daniel Ricciardo has already taken it, so I couldn't take it anymore. “

” But then I thought: 'Why not the 33 with me another 3 in the back? That means double happiness. ' With the 33 it worked better, that also looks frigid. I like the inventory of the 3rd. “

So far, the 33 has the 22 year old Brought good luck. In 102 starts eight wins and three pole positions jumped out. In the year 2016 Verstappen won his first Substantial Prix in Barcelona and was crowned the youngest winner in the history of the premier class.

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