Crimson Bull and AlphaTauri: Honda benefits from stable partnership


( – At the end of the season 2017 the McLaren-Honda era ended in Formula 1 and the Japanese were faced with the important step of finding a new partner in Formula 1. The choice fell on the Personnel Toro Rosso (today AlphaTauri), which in the season 2018 sourced from Honda.

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Crimson Bull and Honda want to take the next step in the coming season Zoom Receive

In the year 2019 came the high Personnel Crimson Bull, with whom the Japanese won three race wins. In the year 2020 Honda is for the first time since 2017 start the new season with the same partners as last year.

This is exactly according to the Honda formula -1 managing director Masashi Yamamoto a big advantage on the mission to catch up with Ferrari and Mercedes at the top . “For our team management, americadas gives stability,” he says. “At Take a look at everyone was very happy with the results. That's why we are looking forward to the new season in America.”

As there will be no changes in the collaboration with Crimson Bull and AlphaTauri, the Japanese can rely on the same structures in the year 2020 as in the season 2019. This allows work processes to be designed and developed more efficiently. The focus is clear: the development of the Formula 1 engine is to be driven forward.

2019 a good year for Honda

with the Achievements and results in the past year, Honda is overall satisfied. Yamamoto says: “We exceeded expectations. Apart from Melbourne, the first half of the season was difficult because we had problems until the race in Austria.” Max Verstappen's victory at the Crimson Bull Ring is considered a breakthrough for the Crimson Bull Honda team.

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After that things went better for Honda, because Verstappen took two more wins Germany and Brazil. However, Honda wants to do a lot better in the year 2020. The weak performance in Monaco is a thorn in Yamamoto's side, which is why the Japanese want to keep climbing. The big goal is, of course, to be able to keep up with Ferrari and Mercedes on a regular basis.

For the season 2020 Honda does not want to formulate clear goals. Yamamoto says: “We want to equip Max and Alexander [Albon] with the best possible cloth so that they can get the most out of it. We will then see how many races we can win.”

Exams a good foundation

With over 1. 500 laps at the Formula 1 take a look at in Barcelona and no major problems with the engines Honda is optimistic about the start of the season in Melbourne. Yamamoto explains how the Japanese have prepared for the season 2020: “Of course it's a balancing act, but keeping good durability is paramount. We tried to do more to make both teams as competitive as possible. “

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Yamamoto speaks of “quiet exams” without any incidents. “It's never been so smooth since we've been back in the premier class,” he says. “There were no major problems. Both teams were able to simulate a complete race weekend and things went really well. We are well prepared for the season.”

Although there is no clear formulation of a goal, Combative Yamamoto: “We will of course give everything so that we can fight for the championship.” The bad luck of the year 2019 wants to shake off the brand to take even more points. Verstappen is also making a big fire in the Japanese: “Max wants to finish on the podium in every race, that is a goal that we have to pursue,” explains Yamamoto.

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