Steiner: Haas learned from the mistakes in the F1 season 2019!


( – “We will not make the same mistakes as last season,” confirms Günther Steiner, who has a calmer Formula 1 season 2020 wishes. Although the crew drew its conclusions from the problems in the previous year, the team boss dampened expectations for the year 2020.



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The crew does not want to say any goals that it suddenly cannot meet. At Haas, the scenario is handled carefully, which led to many tensions in the team last year.

Beginning 2019 the crew was still doing really well, but then the wrong path was taken when developing the car. The largest area was to get the tires in the right working window.

New approach in the crew

Therefore, the Melbourne specification had to be used again during the season, while the other groups continued to develop their racing cars. In the second half of the season Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean then drove different versions of the Haas-Boliden, became not optimum was.

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Haas learned from this, as Steiner makes it clear: “We have understood this and will now deal with it a little differently. Of course we will still make mistakes, but I would say that we have ours Having learned a lesson and will no longer act as stupid as last year. “

The driver’s suggestions for the Formula 1 test in Barcelona were so positive that Steiner was optimistic about the coming season looks. However, the crew still wants to be “careful” so as not to fall back into the rut of the previous season. Therefore, the crew does not want to formulate any goals, because that could go badly wrong.

Beware of the start of the season

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“We cannot say that everything is good, and then suddenly fall into a deep hole,” said Steiner. “We will do our best and see where united states leads to. In the past year the development didn't work and that's why we ended up where we ended up.”

Haas wants to change his role and start the new season as an outsider. With the new approach, Haas wants to put an end to the mistakes made in the previous year and to pick up speed again. “We changed the routine a bit,” says the team leader. “However, we remain cautious and want to ensure that we are as well prepared as possible to travel to Australia.”

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