The Formula 1 season starts with Carrera GO !!!


It is so far, the premier class of automobile racing is picking up speed again. The starting shot of the 71. Season falls this year on 01. March in the Australian city of Melbourne, the final will be on 29. November in Abu Dhabi. For motorsport fans there is a lot of excitement, because it is still completely open who will emerge as the big winner at the end of the racing year. The same applies to the home racetrack: here the Carrera pilots use their own skill to determine which driver is crowned the winner. No matter whether with the family or best friends: Carrera brings Formula 1 home for motorsport fans from the age of 6 and invites you to exciting races.

In the Carrera GO !!! “Spin Grip” -characteristic show the Formula 1 favorites Sebastian Vettel and the 6-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, who has the edge. The two Formula 1 champions also honor each other in a private duel in the living room and keep racing. On the 5.3 meter long Carrera GO !!! Racetrack must prove their skills with curves, looping and high-speed straights.

The Carrera GO !!! “Max Spin” -characteristic ensures breathtaking car racing fun with the sleek Formula 1 racing cars from the professionals Hamilton and Verstappen on a race track of 6.3 meters. On high-speed straights, you first have to make tight turns, cross directly into the cruise-over and loop. The challenges for the racing drivers remain exciting: only those who master the action areas skillfully can go out of the race as jubilant winners.

In the Carrera GO !!! “Race to Steal” -characteristic give themselves the Formula 1 stars Sebastian Vettel in his Ferrari SF 71 H and Max Verstappen in his Red Bull Racing RB 14 the honor. As the youngest driver to ever compete in Formula 1, Max Verstappen quickly made a name for himself in the racing scene. On the 4.3 meter long racetrack, top spin is the magic formula, furthermore Gasoline, Gasoline, Gasoline!

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Now a Carrera GO !!! Win “Spin Grip” Characteristic!

At the beginning of the Formula 1 season we are giving away a Carrera GO !!! “Spin Grip” Characteristic. Writes America simply by 15. March e-mail with the keyword “Carrera” to to take part in the competition.
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