Mercedes made adjustments to rear brake ducts after FIA TD. And they determined to exercise the novel DAS system at #AUSGP despite relate threats by Crimson Bull. Engineers ask the relate to be lodged either after quali or stir for optimum hurt.


I’m questioning to which law they’re referring; it would no longer seem within the 2020 technical guidelines (however as all individuals is conscious of, these are on a long-established basis out of date by secret technical bulletins from the FIA).

The connected sections would appear to be:

10.4.1 Any steering system which permits the re-alignment of better than two wheels is no longer permitted.

10.4.2 Energy assisted steering programs might no longer be electronically controlled or electrically powered. No such system might lift out any purpose rather than reduce the physical effort required to lead the automobile.


10.2.1 With the steering wheel mounted, the build aside of abode of every wheel centre and the orientation of its rotation axis might still be fully and uniquely defined by a purpose of its mostly vertical suspension sprint, set finest for the effects of cheap compliance which does no longer intentionally present additional levels of freedom.

which I encompass thanks to the mention of “cheap compliance” – which originate of appears to be like as if the Mercedes defence anticipated by AMuS.

Now, 10.4.1 is clearly overjoyed because it be finest the front wheel geometry that’s being affected. Or no longer it is fully driver-operated so 10.4.2 appears to be like to be overjoyed in my e book.

I speak you may perhaps argue about what “with the steering wheel mounted” potential – mounted rotation or mounted build aside of abode? The layman’s interpretation shall be the latter, however I wager RB might argue that it intended the venerable – and thus, for a mounted rotational attitude of the steering wheel, 10.2.1 would no longer be overjoyed by the DAS system. Feels a chunk tenuous to me, however I speak on extra marginal things relish world championships been determined…

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