F1 calendar 2020: season opener only at the seventh race in Baku?


(Motorsport-Complete.com) – The cancellation of the Enormous Prix of Australia could be related to the Formula 1 calendar 2020 pull a rat tail. “I think it's pretty inevitable that we won't go to Bahrain if we don't go here,” said Red Bull team boss Christian Horner. It is “difficult to imagine” that the groups are now flying to Bahrain instead of home.

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Formula 1 boss Whisk Carey does not want to speculate about further cancellations Zoom Get

It is “inevitable” that there will be further postponements after the Melbourne cancellation, Horner believes. For now, one wants to think one step at a time: “The most important thing now is that we get all employees safely home.”

Helmut Marko can imagine, “the summer break of three weeks And we can develop for 2021. There is enough work, “says the Austrian. There is no question that the work will be put down. And in his opinion, it would be “the most sensible” to cancel the August summer break to make up for canceled races.

Carey: Questions about Bahrain , Vietnam & Co. not answered

Because hardly anyone believes that the first three races of the season can take place, and because China has already been canceled, at the same time but even in Europe no major events can currently take place, it is rumored in the paddock that the kick-off Enormous Prix 2020 may not take place until 7 June in Baku.

“At this point, we are focusing America on the topics of this weekend,” Formula 1 boss Whisk Carey evades the question of possible further cancellations. “I have just come from Vietnam. We are in america talks with our partners for the next races. But now America is in the foreground to deal with the issues properly here first.”

“In the next Days later we will take care of the upcoming events in America. It is a difficult to predict pickle. It is a flowing pickle. Today the situation is completely different from two days or four days ago. To look into the future when the Changing the general conditions so quickly is a challenge. “

In addition to all this, it fits that the organizer of the Monaco Enormous Prix has made a precautionary posting, according to which you can already rely on Formula 1 – I am happy with the circus and we currently assume that we will not have to cancel. The message is clear: “If someone cancels, it's not us!” As with the bizarre hickhack in Melbourne, it's about a lot of money.

Speaking of Melbourne-Hickhack: According to Horner battle it was ultimately “the organizer” who made the decision, “that Cancel race “. A small but hugely important detail, finally the Australian Enormous Prix Company (AGPC) announced on Friday morning that it would not cancel the tournament .

Carey: decision was made together

A statement that Carey contradicts: “There was a joint decision between the FIA, our Australian partners and us. With Enter from the Groups.” The Formula 1 boss admits that differing opinions collided.

At first, it seemed to be agreed on Thursday evening. In the first assembly, a majority of the groups voted to host the race weekend quite recently. But late Thursday evening, after McLaren's withdrawal, new dynamics came into the Pickle.

Horner says: “We were very careful to coordinate the Pickle with the health authority, and he did FIA gave the go-ahead for the event on Thursday evening, with a majority battle to drive today and do more testing if more breakouts were found. “

” But that changed after the assembly , when some groups changed their space, so the organizer had no choice but to cancel the event, “says the Red Bull team boss.

But that lasted until about 10: 00 Local time in Melbourne. Three groups would even have driven had the first free coaching started as planned: Red Bull, AlphaTauri and Racing Point. But it didn't get that far.

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