Legit Confirmation Megathread – F1 Cancels the Australian Substantial Prix due to the COVID-19


For the total aussies. You in actual fact have to relive the rollercoaster the the leisure of us went thru, whereas you were asleep

  • McLaren announces it’s miles withdrawing from the 2020 Formula 1 Australian Substantial Prix. 1

  • Reviews attain in that Crew Main assembly is underway 2

  • Rumours floor that broadcasters are being educated no longer to head to the monitor within the morning 3

  • Sky Sports reports assembly has concluded and the Substantial prix will GO AHEAD 4

  • BBC reports the Substantial Prix has been CALLED OFF 5

  • More reports that the walk is indeed cancelled 6

  • This dankness 7

  • Song marshals educated that monitor activity will proceed “as deliberate.” 8

  • Appears the in a single day team vote got right here out 5-5 on cancelling 9

  • Photo of passenger manifest of Emirates flight signifies Kimi and Sebastian are on their map home. BBC reports the same. 10-Reddit 10-BBC

  • Legit affirmation 11

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