Official: races in Bahrain and Vietnam postponed as well!


( – After the Safe Prix of Australia the next cancellations are confirmed: The Safe Prix of Bahrain will be on 22. March – even in front of empty grandstands – did not take place, the premiere in Vietnam also not on April 5. Formula 1 announced this together with the FIA ​​and the promoters.

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Bahrain and Vietnam postpone their races as well Zoom Download

“We have had ongoing discussions with Formula 1 and the FIA ​​in recent weeks,” explains Sheikh Salman bin Isa Al Chalifa, the managing director of the race track in the desert state. It had already been determined beforehand that the race would take place on the track without fans.

Now the official postponement follows indefinitely. “It is right to postpone the race in a joint decision, especially against the backdrop of developments and the top priority to protect everyone's health.”

Start of the season in Europe at the end of May?

The track manager emphasizes that he will watch the global situation together with Formula 1. “And we hope that we will be able to welcome Formula 1 later this year.”

The night race is therefore not entirely canceled and could, depending on how the global teach continues to develop, be held this season. The organizers in Vietnam also respond to a ticket after the Australia cancellation.

Due to the strict entry requirements The premiere in Hanoi seemed to be shaking before, now it is certain: The third Safe Prix of the year, planned for April 5, will be postponed indefinitely.

Photo gallery: Formula 1 races that had to be canceled

The battle it with the Australia GP 2020. After a positive Corona case at McLaren, the Formula 1 world is waiting for a cancellation. However, this only comes twelve hours after the group's withdrawal. However, many fans are already back on the track and show used to be keeping them from making the decision. Formula 1 is embarrassing itself. Photo gallery

The government of the republic and the promoter of the race with the FIA ​​and Formula 1 also decided on Friday. A commentary published jointly by Bahrain and Vietnam states that the decisions have been made “to ensure the health and safety of the traveling staff, championship participants and fans, used to be our main concern”

You will observe the situation together with Formula 1 and the FIA ​​and take “a reasonable amount of time” to make potential replacement appointments for each Safe Prix at a later date.

Exciting: “It follows that Formula 1 and the FIA ​​expect a season start in Europe at the end of May.” That would mean that currently not only a launch in Azerbaijan , but already in Monaco

In Barcelona, ​​the commentary has already responded and emphasized that Formula 1 is used to discuss various options.

Carey: “Want to take united states time and assess teach”

Postscript in the message : “Due to the strong increase in COVID – 19 – Cases in Europe in the past few days will be checked regularly. ” Formula 1 boss Streak Carey also has no definitive answer as to what the Formula 1 calendar will look like after the cancellations and postponements.

“The global teach regarding COVID- 19 is very dynamic and difficult to predict. It is right that we united states take the time to assess the teach and make the right decisions, “explains the US manager.

When making decisions Both the FIA ​​and local promoters are involved, he emphasizes. “We want to ensure the safety of all involved and our fans.”

Photo gallery: Melbourne and Co .: The Formula 1 season opener took place on these tracks

Silverstone (1950) – It's not for nothing that Silverstone is considered ” Formula 1 cradle. 1950 the first race takes place here the premier class at all. Winner: Giuseppe Farina on Alfa Romeo. It should in the meantime 70 – The one year history of Formula 1 remains the only time that a season begins in Great Britain. Photo gallery

The Bahrain Safe Prix is ​​an “exciting race”, so Carey can't wait to go back there. He is also looking forward to the premiere in Vietnam. He gets full backing from FIA President Jean Todt.

“Together with Formula 1, the Bahrain Automobile Association, the Vietnamese Automobile Club and the local organizers battle to postpone both the Safe Prix of Bahrain as well as the Vietnamese Safe Prix the only possible decision in view of all the information available at united states at the moment, “says the Frenchman.

” We continue to rely on united states on the input and advice of the World Health Organization (WHO) and governments and will work with them during this unpredictable period to protect fans, participants and the entire motorsport community. “

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