Which races can Formula 1 make up for in 2020?


(Motorsport-Entire.com) – Formula 1 will only start up again in May at the earliest. The races in Australia, Bahrain, Vietnam and China have already been officially postponed. Rumors in the paddock even speak of a season start in Baku, which would also affect the Grands Prix in the Netherlands, Spain and Monaco.



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Formula 1 and the FIA ​​are now faced with the major task of squeezing at least some of the postponed events back into the – already full – calendar. Because the event is above all financially lucrative: Promoters pay around 25 to 30 Millions of greenbacks for their slots – some overseas races even significantly more. Every failed match brings with it a significant loss.

A possible start to the season in Baku was on the list on Thursday evening when the team bosses met Formula 1 sports director Ross Brawn to deal with the acute To discuss the crisis. The cancellation of Australia was of course at the top, but it was clearly a conflict that Bahrain and Vietnam would follow. That is meanwhile officially confirmed .

Now it's about how to do some of this Events can save. An obvious solution would be at least one more race in August, where Formula 1 is holding its traditional summer break with three free weekends – including a fixed shutdown of the factories of two weeks.

Photo gallery: Formula 1 races that had to be canceled

That conflict with the Australia GP 2020. After a positive Corona case at McLaren, the Formula 1 world is waiting for a cancellation. However, this only comes twelve hours after the group's withdrawal. However, many fans are already back on the track and show used to be keeping them from making the decision. Formula 1 is embarrassing itself. Photo gallery

Losing one of these free weekends naturally has consequences. Hundreds of people have already booked their family vacation because it is the only free slot in the year for them. Formula 1, the groups, the FIA ​​and the media will have to put their deepest to the test if they have to make rebookings.

A shorter summer break may be more acceptable for the groups than in other seasons because of the employees are not as drained as usual. You could also have free time in April or May – instead of in August.

Europe: Zandvoort with top priority

The European races are of course easier to add to the calendar. And which race would come first is not difficult. Monaco may have the most prestigious race, but it doesn't pay Formula 1 anything for it. Formula 1 boss Breeze Carey has to fill the precious slots with races that flush money into the coffers.

In addition, the Principality would not be eager to lose its traditional place in May. Because the Gigantic Prix brings with it broad restrictions in the city. So if the race doesn't take place in May, then probably not at all.

Barcelona is also unlikely to get a second likelihood. On the one hand, you only have a one-year contract and there is a gap, on the other hand, financial problems have been straining the route for some time. The promoters should not be too happy about an August appointment and will probably be happy if they are not invited.

The problems in the Netherlands

This leaves Zandvoort. And for obvious reasons, Breeze Carey will work hard to make the Dutch Grand Prix fit in the calendar. A logical date would be August 9, a week to Hungary. Alternatively there is the 23. August, which ends in a triple header with Spa and Monza. Two weekends with a focus on Verstappen might be too much even for hardcore fans.

But August would actually be a good fit for Zandvoort. Once it was the traditional race date, and the weather would be better than on May 1st. In addition, the route would have another three months to complete everything.

Onboard: Max Verstappen opens Zandvoort 2.0

one Lap on the now two-curve race track in Zandvoort with Red Bull driver Max Verstappen! More Formula 1 movies

Logistically, there could be some problems. Zandvoort is a holiday resort by the sea and accommodations are therefore probably fully booked. With Formula 1 and fans squeezing in now, it will be a real nightmare. In addition, fans with tickets for May may have planned something else in August – even if many should already be queuing to buy returned tickets.

Alternatively, Formula 1 could be on the 26. July, between Silverstone and Hungary. This would give you a triple header again, but a three-week summer break.

Problem case overseas racing

Could you also pack an overseas race in August? Possible, but unlikely. Realistically speaking, you have to find a place at the end of the season, but it is getting pretty tight, as you saw a few weeks ago, than after a Alternative date for China was searched. Now you have to think of Australia, Bahrain and Vietnam.

The Melbourne topic should be for 2020 however through. It is inconceivable that the city will build the route twice in a year – regardless of commercial considerations.

Of the other three, Carey is most likely to save Vietnam since, like Zandvoort, it's a pretty big deal for Liberty Media is. However, finding an appointment for a street race may be even more difficult than for a traditional course. Shanghai and Bahrain are more flexible, but China should have problems with the weather in November.

Postpone Abu Dhabi?

place would theoretically be after the season finale in Abu Dhabi, which on 29. November takes place. However, Abu Dhabi pays a lot for the privilege of being a season finale. The race could therefore be postponed to a later date and another race postponed to the current date.

Bahrain would ensure a unique Middle East double header. However, for obvious reasons, the two events do not want to be so close to each other on the calendar. But couldn't you make a virtue of the no longer and attract fans from all over the Achieve or further afield?

There is a little likelihood that Abu Dhabi is on the 13. December to get more space – maybe even for a triple header that allows two additional races. However, whether the groups would be keen if the preparations for 2021 already running at full speed is on a different page.

Chase Carey


Breeze Carey have a few busy weeks ahead Zoom Download

Another unattractive possibility would be to leave Abu Dhabi on his slot and start a race on 22. Insert November. Then you would have a triple header that starts in Brazil. At least the season would end as planned. There are still free places on the 4th and 18. October, but then you would have four races in a row. There is simply not enough space.

If you start in Baku and then put Zandvoort in the summer and an overseas race at the end of the season, you would have a healthy calendar of 17 Run. Not a bad quota if some sporting events 2020 went completely Water fall.

A team boss said on Friday that 18 would be the goal, but that would involve serious compromises and possibly some unexpected postponements of existing dates. It won't be easy …

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