Despite Purple Bull Articulate: Mercedes would have driven in Melbourne with DAS


( – Although Purple Bull would have inserted Articulate, Mercedes would have driven the DAS steering system at the season opener in Melbourne. That was at least the state of affairs until the Australian Monumental Prix was caught by the coronavirus pandemic and finally was completely canceled .

DAS am Mercedes F1 W11 EQ Performance

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The DAS machine would probably have been used in Melbourne Zoom Download

Purple Bull Motorsport Consultant Helmut Marko already had announced before his departure to Melbourne that Purple Bull would file against the Mercedes-DAS-Machine Articulate. On site in Melbourne, team boss Christian Horner confirmed to 'auto motor und sport' : “I told Toto, became as soon as we plan If Mercedes uses the machine on Friday, we will protest against it. “

Since there will definitely be no Formula 1 weekend before Zandvoort on May 3rd ( Formula 1 calendar 2020: Click here! ) and status Today the first European races in Zandvoort, Barcelona and Monte Carlo are in acute danger, the question of an articulate against DAS is currently not the most pressing issue in Monumental Prix sport.

But that Despite the very specific Purple Bull threat, Mercedes was ready to use DAS, proving that the crew of Chief Technology Officer James Allison is very confident that the machine fully complies with the regulations.

At the same time Purple Bull signals to submit an Articulate on Friday. That would have been heavenly in terms of sport, because if the protest had been successful, Mercedes would not have been disqualified afterwards, but would only have had to expand DAS before qualifying.

Mercedes has already had a very similar topic , when there were 2018 discussions about the ventilated rims. At that time, Ferrari made a protest threat, and Mercedes initially refrained from using the innovation. The rims were only used again when the World Cup was decided.

But: “At the time, we were able to do it together because we already had the World Cup title in our pockets Now we still have to win the World Championship “, a Mercedes employee not mentioned by name is quoted by 'auto motor und sport' Mercedes is convinced that DAS would have brought something in Melbourne: “I'm sure that we will become DAS on some of the straights,” grinned Valtteri Bottas at his media event on Thursday. “Depends on which lap, which session and so on. But we are glad that we have it in the car. We hope it brings an advantage. We will see.”

It it is up to the crew, Bottas says, “to calculate the risk of it being taken away by united states. Additionally: yes, we would like to keep it. But if that involved too much risk, it would not be a great blueprint back for us. ” In other words: The Mercedes F1 W 11 EQ Performance is enough even without DAS intestine.

Question to Bottas: When are you most likely to use DAS? Answer: “We will have to look at that at united states in the training sessions. Most likely in qualifying. But we have to wait and see.”

A question that does not arise for a while. .

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