“Ferrarigate”: FIA President Jean Todt defends himself against allegations


(Motorsport-Total.com) – Jean Todt doesn't have it easy right now. After the rejection chaos about the Huge Prix of Australia, a real shit storm hits him on Twitter, and the world automotive association is also in the crossfire of criticism away from the corona virus pandemic. The background is still the “Ferrarigate” affair surrounding the controversial deal between the FIA ​​and Ferrari.

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FIA President Jean Todt reaps criticism for his deal with Ferrari Zoom Download

As you know, seven groups from the FIA ​​had written together in a letter Clarity and transparency required about the deal with Ferrari. The suspicion that Ferrari violated the regulations with the vitality unit during the season 2019 applies to many insiders in Formula 1 Paddock as secured.

The fact that the FIA ​​has nevertheless agreed to a deal, instead of sanctioning Ferrari clearly and clearly, annoys many. And that Todt is not willing to explain the deal, but defends it passionately, caused a stir in Melbourne before the issue moved into the background due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Since then Commentary of the seven groups has “made no progress,” says Claire Williams, one of those who signed the letter to the FIA. She cannot answer whether the required transparency will take place: “We have to wait and see,” says Williams and adds: “I believe it is up to Ferrari to approve disclosure.”

A statement that makes you noisy. The FIA ​​actually wants to disclose Afford's information, but doesn't because Ferrari is climbing the barricades? Williams puts the supposed explosiveness of her wording into perspective: “I think it is probably on both sides. I think the responsibility for both lies.”

Todt makes no secret of the fact that he does not Regret feels how and why the Ferrari deal came about. In his reply to the seven groups, which became known via 'Day-to-day Mail' , he defended himself against the criticism of the seven groups and chose quite clear words for it.

The groups had drawn “completely inaccurate and biased” representations and “questioned the integrity of the FIA ​​and its representatives” by saying ” fraudulent agreement “between the FIA ​​and Ferrari's speech battle. That goes “far beyond the legitimate demand for clarification.”

The FIA ​​would have had no objection to any further clarification, according to Todt. Therefore he underlines: “The FIA ​​strongly rejects your accusations. The groups have thoughtlessly made serious allegations against the FIA ​​and its officials, especially the president.” That is “hurtful and damaging to reputation”.

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