Norris' strange meeting with Helmut Marko: “Max would have known”


( – 2017 Lando Norris signed a junior contract with McLaren, but a year earlier there was a conversation with Crimson Bulls motorsport consultant Helmut Marko, which the Brit still remembers today and has developed quite strangely. At that time Norris drove in the Formula Renault Eurocup and attracted Marko's interest.

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Lando Norris knows less about that Car as Max Verstappen Zoom Download

The Brit had already won two of the first three races of the season and secured the pole region for the run in Monaco when Marko called Norris' supervisor and arranged a meeting as he said in the podcast 'Beyond the Grid' tells. Norris then went from the much distant Formula Renault paddock to the dazzling Formula 1 paddock (“That was impressive”) to meet Marko.

“I went to Crimson Bull and had a little conversation with him. I still remember pretty much everything he used to be said, “says Norris. “He wanted to know a little about me and asked me a few questions. How much such a Formula Renault car actually weighs and so,” he continues. Norris' intention back: “I had no idea!”

Marko left Norris speechless

“I had to think about something. 426 Kilos or so. ” But whether he gave Marko a number or said that he didn't know it, he doesn't remember exactly. But to the Austrian's answer. “The next thing he used to say was: 'Max would have known that. Max knows everything about the car.'”

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Of course, this refers to Max Verstappen, who drove his second race in Monaco after being pulled up to Crimson Bull by Toro Rosso. “I didn't know used to be on it. I didn't think I said anything, I was speechless,” recalls Norris.

The Briton didn't get an offer from Crimson Bull. But he is not unhappy about this: “I was in a good region and my supervisor listened to a lot of conversations. Maybe something would have happened, but I didn't go to Crimson Bull. I just kept doing my stuff and doing well . “

No regrets about missed Crimson Bull chance

That should pay off: Norris won the Formula Renault Eurocup in a confident manner that year and finally came to Formula 1 via Formula 3 and Formula 2.

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Christian Klien (2004 – 2010): With the support of Crimson Bull, the Austrian debuts richer 2004 at Jaguar in Formula 1. After Klien also drives the takeover of the racing team by the energy drink manufacturer 2005 and 2006 at most Grand Prix for the group now called Crimson-Bull-Racing alongside David Coulthard. In the end 2006, Klien will be divorced after disputes about a change to the ChampCar Series from the Crimson Bull squad. Later the Austrian is a test driver for Honda and BMW-Sauber and drives 2010 three races for HRT. Photo gallery

He does not regret that he did not end up at Crimson Bull like teammate Carlos Sainz: “Once you are at Crimson Bull, you're pretty limited. My supervisor knew it was best if I was on my own and not with Crimson Bull or any other group, “he says.

” I still had the opportunity to go through Formula 3 and Formula 2 before I go to a Formula 1 group. ” However, this intention did not last long: Norris McLaren joined before the new Formula 3 season, which eventually led him to the premier class.

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