Bold F1 forecasts for 2020: McLaren victory, Williams podium & Vettel successor


( – Like the Formula 1 season 2020 will not be possible given the current global situation. Even before the cancellation of the Australia Huge Prix was certain and the seasonal races in Bahrain and Vietnam were postponed, we still wanted to know from our Facebook followers what bold predictions they made for meet the upcoming World Cup.



Formula 1 followers dare forecasts for the season 2020 Zoom Gain

All in all 672 humorous, satirical and creative comments have united states of americaon Facebook reached. Many followers believe that the season 2020 could be the shortest ever. Due to the cancellations and postponements due to the corona virus some even believe that this year no world champion could be chosen.

That would be unique in the history of the premier class. The same number of followers are of the opinion that one disclose could follow the other this year. Ferrarigate and the DAS machine would probably provide enough basis for this.

Vettel to McLaren, career end of Raikkonen

Turned into as soon as sports concerns, so some users are optimistic. “The world championship will be decided in the last race among more than two drivers,” writes one user, “Williams can get some podiums and the Hockenheimring will step in as a replacement host for a canceled race.”

Another user counters this: “More than two overtaking maneuvers during running racing on the track are impossible.” This fan was particularly creative in his prediction: “Max Verstappen realizes that Crimson Bull doesn't give wings, and Lewis Hamilton ends his Formula 1 career and becomes Valentino Rossi's MotoGP teammate.”

The Briton has at least repeatedly emphasized how impressed he is with the two-wheelers. Last December he was allowed to test the Yamaha of the “doctor” in Spain . The majority also see the British 2020 in the favorites role and doubts that the season will actually be exciting.

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Some others are more optimistic: Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc or Valtteri Bottas are traded as potential World Cup candidates. Despite the disappointing test performance even Ferrari is in the constructors' world championship of the followers have not yet been completely written off.

Sebastian Vettel, however, is advised to resign, or a Change to McLaren predicted. Hardly any fan believes in the fifth world title for the Heppenheimer, he will probably be beaten by his younger team-mate Charles Leclerc, according to the tenor.

But there are also a few contrary opinions , for example: “Vettel is world champion in his last season at Ferrari.” While many a fan would like Kimi Raikkonen's resurrection, several users agree: “Raikkonen announces the end of his career.” The Finn's contract with Alfa Romeo expires at the end of the season. Still has the 40 – Year-olds not commented on the speculation.

Great expectations: Racing Point & McLaren

“Williams will be the penultimate”, is a prognosis, which one in the comments takes place just as often. The British team seems to be enjoying more trust among Formula 1 followers again. Claire Williams' team is predicted a rosier future – “Before Alfa Romeo and Haas” in the constructors' classification.

Some users are worried about the future of the US team, some even fear that the operation of the racing team will end Season could be set. Team owner Gene Haas noted after the winter tests that he was evaluating his investment after the start of the season will .

Alexander Albon in the Crimson Bull or Sergio Perez in Racing Point (“Sergio Perez wins a surprise victory”) are considered possible surprises of the year. His team-mate Lance Stroll or McLaren driver Lando Norris (“Norris takes a brilliant Monaco win in the rain”) is also credited with a podium.

“Racing Point opens up with Ferrari Be eye level, “says a comment. Many an observer trusts the “pink” Mercedes some too. “Racing Point takes several podiums,” is another forecast. “It will be exciting from fourth place. McLaren and Racing Point will vie for it,” one user is convinced.

However, there are also concerns, because the RP 20 is often a copy of the Mercedes W 10 (2019) designated. Lawrence Stroll's midfield team emphasizes that everything with the right things has been received. The competition sees a “ worrying development “.

Therefore, a forecast is also:” Racing Point will 2020 excluded from the constructors' world championship, as an insider proves that copies were not made according to the regulations but copied . “

Potential successor for Vettel at Ferrari

“Renault is finally on the podium,” believes a French fan. Another replies: At Renault “little will have happened again”. The team itself has expectations of 2020 not so clearly formulated that you want fight for fourth place in the World Cup standings and get as good as possible on Prepare .

Many a Formula 1 fan can even imagine that the internal mood in the French racing team tilts. “Renault is bringing Hülkenberg back,” believes a Facebook user. This prognosis comes rather from the realm of fables: “Hülkenberg replaces Nürburgring Bottas from [dem Rennen auf dem], who is under quarantine at home, and wins his first race in a Mercedes straight away.”

Turned into as soon as HR decisions, some fans were particularly creative. “Berger replaces Vettel at short notice,” read our post. The DTM boss already ended his Formula 1 career 1997. He went to the Starting up for Scuderia Ferrari for a total of six years.

Gerhard Berger

© Sutton

Gerhard Berger drove from 1987 to 1989 and from 1993 to 1994 at Ferrari Zoom Gain

Lewis Hamilton continues to be considered a possible candidate for Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari place. “Mercedes then committed Verstappen and Crimson Bull brings Vettel back for it,” would be the solution of a user. That should be difficult, however, because has passed away already by 2023 signed with Crimson Bull.

“Mercedes announces exit at the end of the season, McLaren receives factory status from Mercedes”, is another forecast by a follower. In the winter break there are already rumors about a possible Exit showed up, but these were denied by Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff and Daimler boss Ola Källenius.

“Axle break at one of the Mercedes because of DAS “writes a user. The steering system also contributed to one or two bold predictions: “Mercedes is angry because Hamilton is constantly tearing off the steering wheel.” The device is likely to provide discussion material for a long time.

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