My lady friend made me this paintings fragment for my birthday. She purchased into the sport recently thanks to Drive to Dwell to advise the story and my non-quit speaking.


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11 aspects · 1 hour ago

It feels delight in she started drawing Schumacher after which stuck a Leclerc face on high.

stage 2

1 level · 9 minutes ago

I was thinking Seb with the receding hairline but schumi might maybe maybe work too.

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Nico Erik Rosberg

4 aspects · 1 hour ago

That painting of Leclerc’s face is chef’s kiss.

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Daniel Ricciardo

2 aspects · 51 minutes ago


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Jenson Button

1 level · 11 minutes ago

She loves you, that is for definite.

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Sebastian Vettel

1 level · 1 hour ago

She’s a keeper

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0 aspects · 1 hour ago

Its amusing how younger followers take younger drivers. I always had more recognize for expert veterans in unhurried 20s and beyond when i purchased into f1 in the 90s.

stage 2

Valtteri Bottas

Fashioned Poster1 level · 1 hour ago

I have we’re both “Bottas first”, but operate not tips if Leclerc does successfully. She’s made a Bottas painting as successfully but kept it at her station.

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