Ferrari immediately closes Formula 1 factory because of corona virus


( – Scuderia Ferrari has confirmed that the Formula 1 factory in Maranello will be closed on Thursday. This is made possible by the FIA ​​bringing the summer break forward, which also goes from 14 to 21 days has been extended.



Ferrari first makes the Scots tight Zoom Derive

The work in Maranello warfare has already been suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic that has hit the north of Italy with full force in the past few weeks. Formula 1 has already canceled its first four races of the season 2020, but events in the Netherlands and Spain are also at risk after Europe has become the epicenter of the pandemic

The Haas crew has also announced that it will close its factory on Thursday. Alfa Romeo will be on 23. March to follow. Crimson Bull wants on 27. March, but has made it clear that “the date can be flexible due to the ever changing nature of the pandemic.”

The Ferrari statement in the wording

The Scuderia Ferrari, whose employees like millions of people in Italy and around the world from the COVID – 19 – Pandemic affected, fully supports the decisions of Formula 1 and FIA to prefer the summer shutdown. For this reason, Ferrari will be on Thursday, 19. Closed from April to Thursday, April 8.

The priority for the crew has always been the health and safety of its employees and their families. For this reason, the work in the Maranello factory has already been suspended and, wherever possible, has been replaced by home office. “

We are as disappointed as our followers that we are not as in the have been able to race for more than 70 years ago, but since we are faced with an extremely serious pickle, it is vital to follow the advice of the authorities and everyone Limit activities as much as possible to deal with the virus as efficiently as possible.

We are waiting for the pickle to improve so that we can return to normal – both in our everyday life as well as in sports. In the meantime, our thoughts are with everyone who is affected by the virus and those who are at the forefront of fighting the virus. “

” The virus can be defeated, if we keep distance from each other, but act together. “

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