Formula 1 calendar 2020: teams no longer have to agree


( – Skedaddle Carey says that Formula 1 “is fully committed to the season 2020 as soon as possible “. He also confirms that the teams do not have to give formal consent if the calendar is changed to accommodate rescheduled events.

Chase Carey


Liberty Media and the FIA ​​now have a free hand in calendaring Zoom Download

The calendar was one of the main topics in a conference call between Carey, Ross Brawn and the ten Formula 1 team bosses. In this, the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic were discussed.

Carey says that the unnecessary approval by the Formula 1 and FIA teams will give more flexibility, when it comes to changing the calendar.

Another important decision is that the introduction of the originally for 2021 planned technical regulations on 2022 have been postponed. This decision now goes through the usual bureaucratic process (Formula 1 Commission, Motorsport World Council).

As many as possible Make up for the race

In an assertion, Carey explained, was decided today: “In these extraordinary times after several Race postponements and the unanimous decision of the FIA ​​Motorsport World Council [WMSC], we have and the FIA ​​discussed with the teams the need for more flexibility to present a new calendar as soon as the COVID – 19 – Enlighten improves. “

” In this meeting there was full support for the plans to make up as many rescheduled events as possible as soon as that is certain. “

The Formula 1 rules for 2021 in the analysis

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“Formula 1 and FIA will now work on a revised calendar 2020 to work out. We will take the teams into account. But as it was decided at the meeting, the revised calendar will not require their formal approval. “

” This will give united states of america the flexibility to deal with the Organizers work out new plans and start the season in the right 2nd. “

New cars only 2022, budget limit already 2021

What the Postponement of the 2021 er regulations , he says: “Due to the volatile financial enlightening that resulted from this [durch das Coronavirus], it was decided that the teams er chassis [auch] for the season 2021 use. A possible freeze of other components will be discussed in due course. “

” The implementation of the financial regulations [der Budgetobergrenze] will be as planned 2021 respectively. We are all very grateful for the constructive cooperation and all parties are together in our plan, with the racing season 2020 to start as soon as the global enlighten calms down. Formula 1 continues to make every effort to start the season 2020 as soon as possible. “

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