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( – “Now I would have a [schnelles] car,” Sergio Perez muses. The leisure of the utterance remains unspoken. Turned into the Mexican wants to say, but is obvious: The Racing Point RP 20, in the paddock as “Mercedes copy” could be screaming in the Formula 1 season 2020 a surprise, if the season gets going.

Sergio Perez


Sergio Perez in racing Point RP 20: Turned into is possible with the “Mercedes copy”? Zoom Download

But the comment about his vehicle in Perez 'conversation with the Spanish newspaper' AS 'is only a side note. Because Perez himself is very worried about the coronavirus crisis and has also moved from Madrid back to Mexico to be with his family.

“Die Space is much more serious than we thought, “said Perez. “Let's take Italy. There you don't have the hospital capacities to meet everyone [Patienten].”

Perez's outlook for 2020

Motorsport is clearly in the background. “Now the most important thing is that we are attentive, think of others and [Abstand zueinander halten].”

The hope of Formula 1 again this year – Perez has not given up racing. His thesis about the season 2020: “We definitely have a good car.” That would have been shown by the winter tests in Barcelona.

“I think, however, that the top teams are still a bit ahead, but it is very close in midfield to be on the podium, something would have to happen with the three groups before, but let's just wait and see. “

Overall, he expects Racing Point to succeed should be to have shortened the gap to the top “a little”. “How much, I don't know. I'd just like to find out,” says Perez.

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