Ex-pilot about Alonso: “He burned many bridges behind him”


(Motorsport-Total.com) – Fernando Alonso is still dreaming of a Formula 1 comeback . However, the Spaniard's chances of returning are poor, at least one ex-pilot claims. “Nobody will want to take the risk of Alonso,” says Finnish ex-Formula 1 driver JJ Lehto.

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Fernando Alonso has not given up Formula 1 completely Zoom Get

Alonso has from the point of view of 54 – yearlings with his politics and temperament built a return to the premier class. “The disrespect for Honda back then was outrageous, this way of snapping at your own employer,” Lehto lists as an example compared to ' Speedweek ' .

No automaker will ever forget this behavior. Specifically, Lehto alludes to Alonso's dealings with the former McLaren engine partner. At his home race in Suzuka, of all places, the Spaniard raged on the team radio and publicly blasphemed about the “GP2 engine”.

Later the Spaniard explained that this statement was not intended for the public . Nevertheless, the two-time world champion lost it, at least for the Japanese. This was evident this year in Alonso's search for an IndyCar cockpit, Honda prevented Alonso from joining Andretti.

“Nobody doubts Alonso's abilities,” Lehto states. “But if we call United States of America a reminder of how many bridges he has burned behind me, then I simply cannot imagine that a Formula 1 racing team would still want to take it.”

Photo gallery: Fernando Alonso's career

Zwei WM-Titel und 30 Grand-Prix-Siege hat Fernando Alonso errungen, dazu in der Formel 1 geschätzte 150 Millionen Euro verdient - aber angefangen hat alles im Go-Kart, hier im Alter von zarten neun Jahren.

Two World Cup titles and 30 Big Prix victories were won by Fernando Alonso, plus those valued in Formula 1 150 earned millions of euros – but it all started in a slither kart, here at the tender age of nine. Photo gallery

Also at Ferrari there was a crisis towards the end of Alonsos Period in Ma ranello. Add to that his age, the Le Mans winner throws in. The 38 year old has been two years ago no Formula 1 car was driven, it could be in the top-class personal poker for 2021 go out against young, hungry drivers take into sage.

through the Postponement of the new technical regulations to 2022 remains questionable whether Alonso is even aiming for a comeback next year. Many contracts expire at the end of the year, but the Spaniard has high hopes for the rule revolution.

It is still unclear when Alonso will ever be in a big hit again. After his trip to the Dakar Rally, the Spaniard actually has the Indy 500 targeted with McLaren. However, it seems questionable whether the prestigious race due to the ongoing corona crisis actually over in May can go on stage.

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