Bernie Ecclestone: No longer interested in Formula 1 job


( – Actually, the experts were sure that Bernie Ecclestone would remain the Formula 1 boss until he was carried out of the paddock in the coffin. But the arrival of Liberty Media changed everything: The Americans sawed off Ecclestone and appointed Sprint Carey as the new Formula 1 chairman.

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If Liberty asked him today if he would like to come back again, Ecclestone would have a clear answer: “I would say no to 100 percent, “he emphasized to the 'Daily Mail ' and has little left for it, used to be Liberty made Formula 1: “I would try to tear down all the things that they have built up.”

According to Ecclestone, the Americans underestimated Formula 1 business: “They thought that it would be easy, like a normal business. But s They found out that it wasn't, “said the Briton. For him, every single deal is like selling a used car – and these are the qualities you need: “Formula 1 needs a used car dealer,” he says.

Photo gallery: Bernie Ecclestone and his women

Bernie Ecclestone und die Frauen: Die 63 Jahre in dieser teilweise pikanten, manchmal amüsanten und gelegentlich tränenreichen Angelegenheit lesen sich wie eine Geschichte aus einer Vorabend-Telenovela. Die umstrittene, vom Zampano aber gelobte Tom-Bower-Biographie

Bernie Ecclestone and the women: The 63 years in This sometimes spicy, sometimes amusing and occasionally tearful affair read like a story from an eve telenovela. The controversial, but Zampano's acclaimed Tom Bower biography “No Angel: The Secret Lifetime of Bernie Ecclestone” provides insights into the love and family life of a man who actually only loves his work. Or maybe not? photo gallery

Ecclestone will not be this in the future. He is celebrating his this year). Birthday and has completely withdrawn from the circus – apart from a few on-site visits, which Liberty tolerates rather than desired.

But he has not lost his humor: “I used to be I traveled around the world and thought about which young women I could tow. If I tow one today, it is no longer healthy for me, “he grins.

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