Romain Grosjean: “In Formula 1 you have no choice”


( – “In Formula 1 you have no choice,” says Romain Grosjean. So if the racing series makes an appointment and your crew signs up for it, then there is a duty to appear. This also applies to the Australia Huge Prix in Melbourne, which was supposed to take place despite the coronavirus situation – until it was canceled at very short notice.

Romain Grosjean


Only game ball of the “powers”? F1 driver Romain Grosjean criticizes the racing series Zoom Download

“You go there, despite the circumstances. And you have to deal with it,” says Grosjean at 'Canal +' and says: “That's why we were there. But I don't want to hide that the atmosphere in the paddock is especially battle. It wasn't the atmosphere we are used to. “

Grosjean was rather disturbed by the way in which Formula 1 dealt with the scenario. He was “disappointed” about it. Reason: “The race was canceled only two hours before the first practicing. Battle it too 99, 99 percent sure that there would be a tumble. “

Criticism of Formula 1 communication

Grosjeans opinion: “We should have either canceled before or only after the race. But we had no idea at all.” And a crowd in Melbourne's Albert Park when it was actually a matter of avoiding large crowds.

In general, Grosjean had the impression that the organizers had not acted prudently enough. “Communication was lacking there too,” says Grosjean, referring to the local followers who were able to get in close contact with the Formula 1 stars.

“There were followers who didn't get it we didn't want to take a selfie with them, not because they were sick, but because we could have had the virus. I could have passed the virus on without my knowledge. “

Driver initiative fails

The drivers would have tried to influence the Formula 1 makers, the followers, through the GPDA driver union Describe scenario. “There should have been barriers,” says Grosjean.

And for now there are no races. Formula 1 has either canceled its Grands Prix until May inclusive or postponed it indefinitely. When and where the season 2020 starts, if at all, is still unclear. ( Track motorsport cancellations and postponements in the corona virus ticker! )

“Now we'll wait and see,” explains Grosjean. “Used to be we can already say snappy is: We will probably not have any vacations in the summer. We can delete them completely right away. It should be Run races in just six months. This is going crazy. “

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