Toilet paper venture: It's so funny at home with Kimi Raikkonen!


( – The coronavirus pandemic is creating various funny memes and challenges on social media that are currently circulating. Numerous athletes, for example, participate in the toilet paper venture, where all sorts of jokes are made with one or more rolls of toilet paper, filmed with the Helpful and put on the web to make fun of the often-scolded hamster buyers these days.

Kimi Räikkönen

© Kimi Räikkönen (Instagram)

Kimi Raikkonen posted an entertaining short video on Instagram Zoom Bring collectively

After some soccer players, Kimi Raikkonen has now also participated in the toilet paper venture. The video, which he posted as an Instagram memoir, does not look like corona boredom at all.

Räikkönen takes a roll of toilet paper in comfortable, black cotton clothes and skilfully kicks with this. His children Robin (5) and Rianna (2) do gymnastics around him.

Mama Mintuu (probably more elegantly dressed than her pajama goddess) cannot be seen on the video. Somebody had to film the video.

By the way: That Raikkonen on Instagram Profile picture from the year 2001 posted in the Sauber-Kluft at the time, magazine the PR managers of Alfa Romeo did not like. But his fans think it's cool.

That's how he is terminate, the “Iceman” …

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