Because of corona isolation in Dubai: Pierre Gasly misses sim racing events


( – Actually, AlphaTauri driver Pierre Gasly is a big fan of sim racing and the French would like to attend the numerous events in the virtual world Participate during the coronavirus crisis. However, he is currently stuck in Dubai, where he has no way of doing sim racing.

Pierre Gasly


Pierre Gasly stays in Dubai for a few more weeks Zoom Download

Opposite ' L'Equipe ' says Gasly: ​​”Drive home I all the time, I love it. But in Dubai I don't have a simulator, just a console. I play games on it other than Formula 1. ” The Formula 1 driver is currently in Dubai Fest because he has to sit out the corona crisis in the resort.

“The quarantine is less strict here than in Europe, but I have to Stay resort, “says the Frenchman. “I avoid going into town or the pool. I don't take any risks. I do two hours per keep fitness workout. Because I am a professional athlete, I can use the gym even though it is actually closed. That is a great privilege. I also go jogging outside a lot. “

That is why Gasly also believes that he is currently in top form. After all, the AlphaTauri driver has never had so much time to take care of his health. He is also relieved not to be currently in Europe, where the pandemic has had a major impact on public life. He also doesn't want to put his parents at risk, even if they don't belong to the risk group because of their age.

Like many other people around the world, Gasly maintains contact through digital channels. “I'll stay here for at least two more weeks, maybe longer if the Remark requires it,” he says. “But I'm fine. I have a TV, Netflix and the console. He often plays games online with Charles Leclerc.

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