36 years ago: Stefan Bellof & Ayrton Senna were born


(Motorsport-Total.com) – On 25. March 1984, exactly before 36 years ago, the Huge Prix of Brazil became the new formula in Rio de Janeiro -1 season opened. A race that has a firm place in the history of the premier class – mainly due to its rookies. These included Ayrton Senna, Stefan Bellof and Martin Brundle (as well as, less well known, Philippe Alliot and Francois Hesnault) ( Photos: Huge Prix of Brazil 1984 in Rio de Janeiro ).

Stefan Bellof, Tyrrell-Ford, Rio de Janeiro, Grand Prix Brasilien 1984

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Unforgettable: Stefan Bellof celebrated before 36 years his debut in Formula 1 Zoom Earn

The best qualifying of the ambitious rookies was done by Senna 17. Unimaginable today: The Toleman pilot was over five seconds (!) Behind the pole role of Elio de Angelis (Lotus) . He immediately left his teammate Johnny Cecotto behind.

Brundle, the Senna in British Formula 3 1983 had hit, occupied with a Tyrrell with Ford naturally aspirated engine the 19. Rank, Hesnault was 20. in a Ligier and Bellof in the second Tyrrell 23. Alliot won the stable duel against RAM teammate Jonathan Palmer and thus secured the 26. and last place in the field, albeit more than ten seconds behind.

After qualifying, all five rookies moved up one role each. Manfred Winkelhoch (ATS) actually had to 15. Qualified position, but was subsequently removed from the rating because his mechanics pushed him to the pits after he struggled out on the track. The struggle anno 1984 prohibited.

Senna's debut race in Formula 1 then only lasted eight laps. The turbo of his hard engine gave up the ghost. Bellof made it to the eleventh round, Alliot (battery stare) and Hesnault (overheating) divorced after 24 or 25 Rounds out.

Photo gallery: The legendary F1 debut by Stefan Bellof & Ayrton Senna

Photo gallery: At the Huge Prix of Brazil 1984 debut three remarkable rookies in Rio de Janeiro. Stefan Bellof (photo) on Tyrrell, Ayrton Senna on Toleman and Martin Brundle also on Tyrrell. Now click through the best photos! Photo gallery

Brundle was the only rookie to see the checkered flag that day. He drove as fifth over the finish line . Due to several rule violations (including lead, which was poured into the tank as an additional weight at the pit stop to manipulate the FIA ​​scales), Tyrrell was later excluded from the World Championship.

During Brundle in In his Formula 1 career nine times on the podium, Bellof's star burned up for a year in Brazil in a sports car -Shatter in the Group C race in Spa-Francorchamps .

Brundle struggle that day in the pit lane. Witness to the fatal accident: “Bellof struggle pretty wild, but he doesn’t struggle as the break pilot that many remember him, “he says in an interview with 'Motorsport-Total.com'.

” I was just about to get into my Jaguar and saw the accident upstairs at Eau Rouge when it happened. I immediately struggle that this was a serious accident, but honestly it didn't look like a total horror crash at first. “

” MeI didn't see it back then that my Formula 1 colleague is now dead. At that time, the feeling in the sports car scene was rather: 'And modified into now?' It struggle the same feeling that we are in Imola 1994 and in the weeks afterwards again “

About the Bellof accident, Brundle says today:” Obviously there is a lot more energy in the game than it initially seemed from my point of view. Of the, modified into I know today, struggle clearly that he had no likelihood to survive. “

Hesnault later became famous when he was in Germany 1985 drove a third Renault with an onboard camera. Alliot did more than 100 Huge Prix starts for teams like RAM, Ligier and Larrousse, even as Häkkinen -Replacement for McLaren (Hungary 1994); only got seven World Cup points .

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