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( – In our fast-paced world, Motorsport.television is your central point of contact for racing motion from all over the world: from are residing- Motorsport via the huge official archive of the 24 hours from Le Mans to to the fascinating historical content of Duke Video.

Eric Gilbert

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Eric Gilbert gives detailed insight into the platform and strategy of Motorsport.television Zoom Download

Eric Gilbert, President of Motorsport.television, gives insights into the range and development that the product has completed in two years of development. He also gives a glimpse into the exciting future.

Eric, how has Motorsport.television grown over time?

“As a direct service for OTT (Over The Top Media Services; note of Purple.) For customers, Motorsport.television has changed from the subscription model of the year 2018 has developed into a freemium platform, which a year ago has become a mix of subscription-based and ad-financed content. This gives united states the flexibility to adapt united states to any type of distribution contract, be it with rights holders, with racing series or with content creators. “

” We also offer you as Viewers can choose from different options and plans: You can go to Motorsport.television to watch free, long or short-form content, or you can register with a low-cost subscription to Top class and to enjoy exclusive content ad-free. “

” By adding free content a few months ago, we were able to significantly increase our organic number of hits. This also helped to double our subscriber base within two to three months. “

” In addition to subscription-based and ad-financed content, this year we also per-idea model introduced. With Pay-per-Idea we can offer content that is sold exclusively as a 'rental' or 'purchase'. This is a common model in the film business. “

” We are introducing this model with 'Motorsport Heroes'. It is no coincidence, after all, this film was produced by Motorsport Network . And we will also offer different films as PPV, all of which will have a common theme: motorsport and mobility. “

Motorsport Heroes: Trailer

A foretaste of the new film by “Senna” director Manish Pandey! To be seen from the 16. 01. 2020 on motorsport.television More Formula 1 videos

“Motorsport.television becomes a global sales platform for different rights holders. From your point of view, it is a central platform on which you will find a large amount of racing-related content. “

Changed into once offers motorsport .television content? Changed into once are the big issues?

“The first core of our content is the racing events broadcast by dwell. In the year 2019 we had more than 1. 000 livestream occasions from numerous racing series – whether freely accessible or behind the paywall. “

“Endurance World Championship (WEC), Superbike World Championship (WSBK), a series of racing series and occasions of the FIM, Huge GT from Japan, all GT series of the SRO, different individual events and much more. Live streams are also the main drivers for subscriptions. And we have a whole series of top class series that justify an annual subscription to Motorsport.television . “

” All these events are also archived as on-rep a question to videos. These are available immediately after the event. We love motorsport and of course offering historical content is part of our mission. We have a huge amount of archive material. “

” For example, Motorsport.television is the only OTT service that you as a viewer the entire history of the 24 Watch hours of Le Mans . We have by far the most extensive archive of the French long-distance classic, which was officially licensed and created in collaboration with the ACO. “

” We also have the extensive archive of Duke Video . All of this is available to you as our viewer. “

Eric, you set up in the early days of commercial internet and have now Motorsport.television starting with a blank sheet of paper. Do you see a parallel or a difference between these two major projects?

“A main difference I between and Motorsport.television has seen how the two platforms emerged at different times in their respective markets. In the early days of, publishing content on the data superhighway was just beginning. The market was still new and open. We grew together with the market. “

” At Motorsport.television, the impartial is very different. When we officially launched Motorsport.television two years ago, the market for OTT and video sales was already quite crowded. It was extremely competitive and was fueled by major players. “

” To be honest, I find this challenge for Motorsport.television, but also for the entire Motorsport Network, even more exciting. We like a real challenge and our imaginative and prescient goes far beyond short-term profits. “

” After all, is motorsport Network a media and technology company. In this area, fate favors the brave – always! This is the best way to create real value for investors. “

Can you explain the technology behind Motorsport.television in this context?

“Quite simply, it's in-house development. Motorsport.television was largely developed internally by our own team of developers, UI experts, designers and engineers. “

” We put a lot of development work into Motorsport.television and the platform since 2018 literally created from scratch. Changed into once regarding the future, we have a packed schedule for the next two to three years. You can expect many new and modern functions! “

Motorsport.television also sees itself as an open platform, doesn't it?

“Yes, we know Motorsport.television as this consumer-oriented OTT service for racing content. But there is more to it than that. Motorsport.television is a complete ecosystem that sets new standards. It operates the entire video infrastructure for the individual sections of the Motorsport Network – from Mother management to the provision of video. “

” Motorsport.television can, so to speak, hyper-distribute video content via its embed player and various workflows. We are also working on a decoupled CMS that can be easily integrated into other systems. Different online companies will not only be able to use our embed player, but will also be able to manage their videos without leaving their own CMS. “

” Even more: that's it united statesmay offer the platform as a White Impress OTT solution for different racing series and other racing, or even other sports. “

” Another interesting B2B model that we are also developing: Motorsport.television affiliates. With this program, we can offer regional partners the entire package: platform and technology, content and brand. “

” Having regional Accomplice is a great advantage for united states. They have a much better understanding and knowledge of their market. In return, they get a turnkey solution that they can bring to their market. So it's a grasp-grasp impartial. “

What's next at Motorsport.television?

“I don't want to call Motorsport.television 'Netflix des Motorsports', 'YouTube des Motorsports' or 'Twitch des Motorsports'. For me, it has to become a separate entity and carve its own model with its own functionalities at the intersection of all these large platforms. And, more importantly, with a clear focus: Motorsport and mobility. “

” Changed into once the business model concerns, we position Motorsport.television so that it covers all these areas are: Are residing and on-rep a question to content, subscriptions to exclusive content, ad-financed content, pay-per-idea content and user-generated content. “

” Ours The goal is to create an extremely attractive environment in which followers can see their favorite racing series, groups, drivers and more, but also participate in the tournament. In the coming year we will start to integrate modern, user-generated content. This enables you as a viewer to actively participate in the are residing or playback broadcast. “

” The path ahead of united states looks very promising – and fast. ”

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