Briatore: Hamilton's seven World Cup titles would be worth less than Schumacher's


( – Lewis Hamilton is still one world title away from Michael Schumacher's record mark. After the Mercedes driver became world champion for the sixth time last year, he could already 2020 equalize with “Schumi” . Flavio Briatore, the Schumacher 1994 and 1995 at Benetton's first two titles, however, is of the opinion that it was easier for Hamilton than his former protege.

Michael Schumacher, Flavio Briatore


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In the podcast 'Beyond the Grid' he recalls: “Michael did with the big ones Boys fought. When Michael [in die Formel 1] came there was Nigel Mansell, Senna … Today the competition is much less. […] Nobody puts Hamilton under pressure. ” There are only “two or three drivers” who are currently real stars in Formula 1. That was completely different in Schumacher's time.

When asked whether Hamilton would make more mistakes under pressure, Briatore replied: “That is the same with everyone. If someone was close to Schumacher, he made mistakes. Fernando [Alonso] too. Everyone. But if [Hamilton] can drive like a taxi driver, he wins every race. He is a great driver. But there are only two stars in Formula 1: Hamilton and Verstappen. “

Photo gallery: Michael Schumachers second title

Alles neu bei Michael Schumachers Benetton-Team im Jahr 1995: Startnummer 1 des amtierenden Weltmeisters auf dem B195, leistungsstarke Renault- statt Ford-Motoren im Heck und Johnny Herbert als permanenter Stallkollege. Außerdem arbeitet Technikchef Tom Walkinshaw nicht mehr für Benetton, sondern für Ligier - weil FIA-Präsident Max Mosley nach der Benzinfilter-Affäre samt Boxenfeuer in Hockenheim 1994 ein Köpferollen verlangt hat.

Everything new to Michael Schumacher's Benetton team in the year 1995: Start number 1 of the reigning world champion the B 195, powerful Renault- instead of Ford -Motors in the rear and Johnny Herbert as permanent stable mate. In addition, chief of technology Tom Walkinshaw no longer works for Benetton, but for Ligier – because FIA ​​President Max Mosley after the gasoline filter affair including pit fire in Hockenheim 1994 a head roll has requested. photo gallery

When asked whether Charles Leclerc was also a potential necessary particular person, the former team leader replied: “He is still young. But has already shown that he has big balls. If I had been responsible for Ferrari, I would have replaced Räikkönen with him two years ago, because with Räikkönen you can’t get anywhere, you won’t win anything with him. […] Leclerc is very strong. “

” But Leclerc is currently not to be taken seriously, “restricts the Italian. That's why Verstappen is currently the only pilot in the field who could be dangerous to Hamilton. “Verstappen is an incredible driver for me,” says Briatore, who once contracted Max 'father Jos with Benetton. However, he was significantly less talented than his son.

“The name is the same, but there are two very different drivers. [Max] is definitely better. I wish I had this [Verstappen] in the car “, laughs Briatore and reveals:” I already said that to his father: 'Jesus, I wish I would have had your son in the car and not you! '”

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