Sauber F1 Body of workers’s pit discontinue infographic on 2013 Sauber C32.


All americans is aiming for bustle, no longer finesse. They’re jacking in the midst of the vehicle, so there would possibly perhaps be no steadiness for left-appropriate motion of the vehicle. The soundness guys are attempting to decrease all the motion from the front-rear jack guys, and all the wheel guys pushing and pulling.

As an instance, with out the steadiness guys there. The appropriate hand aspect guys would possibly perhaps perhaps catch the tires serve on sooner then the left guys, and the motion of shoving the tires onto the wheel hub would possibly perhaps perhaps put off the left hand aspect of the vehicle to dip in the direction of the bottom appropriate at the serious time when the left aspect wheels are going on, or as the wheel gun man is attempting to put the wheel gun on.

It can perhaps perhaps handiest price the wheel man 0.5 seconds to readjust to the decrease high of the vehicle, but that is F1.

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