(Motorsport-Total.com) – Sending our readers with a fictitious message in April has a long custom at Motorsport-Total.com (and our sister portal Formel1.de). And so this year, united states of america came up with a fictitious “message” for you to send you properly into the fourth month of the year.

Sebastian Vettel


Ten races in Le Castellet? The viewers are spared Zoom Download

And because this year’s motorsport season is particularly dreary thanks to the corona virus, this time our April Fool’s battle that there wasn’t just an April Fool’s joke! we do not want to exclude in the future, but that the distance from the number 44 and each 4 4.4 kilometers long, that is pulled by the hair and obviously as wrong as the Sheikh Amahed al -Maris.

But the fact that the message was obviously wrong battle only served as a “cover” for our second April fool's joke. Because the Formula 1 wants to drive ten races without an audience in Le Castellet, we spare the public. The corona virus is currently the dominant topic, so we couldn't avoid it.

Lewis Hamilton

© Emirates Architects / Motorsport Photos

Lewis Hamilton does not get a dedicated race track – not yet! Zoom Download

Because Formula 1 is thirsty after driving, it strikes close that you have to find some solution to be able to drive again. And because there are plans in football to host the games in a central, isolated place, why shouldn't that also be possible for Formula 1?

France with its hundreds of possible layouts is a good choice especially since the lodge also houses the drivers along the route. The track also belongs to Bernie Ecclestone's ex-wife Slavica, who could wipe out one more thing for her ex-husband by helping out Liberty Media. And all other ingredients were available to make the topic plausible. According to the current state of affairs, however, there will be a race in France.

Some readers have been fooled by united states of america: “Is this the April Fool's joke, the one with the sheikh or both? I don't know which of the two things I would prefer, “our joke seemed to have caused some confusion. “I really thought the memoir with Lewis was April Fool's Day,” commented another. Also on Twitter, some particular person sold the message as a message.

Used to be true of both messages: neither of them!

We hope it is united states of americagelungen is to trick one or the other reader and above all to make them laugh. And we also hope that we won't be taken too seriously and quoted in other editorial offices again. Because this has happened quite often with our April Fools in the past …

A little review of our earlier April Fools:

2019 stride the whole world environmental activist Greta Thunberg at your feet. Why not Formula 1 furthermore? So we thought that the Swede could hijack the Shanghai Global Circuit together with tens of thousands of Chinese schoolchildren, which would mean that free coaching for the race in China would have to be canceled. In the past, coaching in Shanghai had to be canceled due to poor environmental conditions. The memoir battle furthermore not too far-fetched. A curious (but true) story about an initiating up-up by Toto Wolff helped camouflage our “Pretend News”.

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Greta Thunberg

© Greta Thunberg (Facebook)

Greta Thunberg battle the Huge title of our April Fool's Day 2019 Zoom Download

2018 was inspired in Formula 1 by the abolition of the grid ladies. This prompted united states of america to make a fool of April, after which Crimson Bull would like to have grid boys appearing in Spielberg for the first time – which should then also appear in all other races. The interview with Dietrich Mateschitz battle is just as real as a YouTube video with Daniel Ricciardo and the starboxx model agency, which really exists in Heidelberg. The battle invented freely that starboxx is looking for male devices for the Hockenheim weekend with newspaper advertisements. In the end, grid kids came instead of grid ladies.

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An unholy alliance between Bernie Ecclestone and Ron Dennis, the newly disempowered “great gentlemen” of Formula 1, battle the subject of our April fool's joke in the year 2017 . The two would team up, take over the insolvent manor crew and send their own racing team to the initiating up together with Honda – under the name “BRoMA” (Bernie Ron Motorsport Affiliation). Our hidden note: Broma means “joke” in Spanish …

reading Here the April Fool's Day of 2017 once again!

Maria Scharapowa

© Sutton

Maria Scharapowa gave the editorial team an April Fool's Day idea Zoom Download

2016 Battle of April Fool's Day a reaction to the tennis player Maria's doping ban, which had just become known Sharapova. Inspired by this, we reported an “action sharp” against doping in Formula 1 too. At our memoir battle, it was true that Stirling Moss admitted to doping in his active career. Not true battle of leisure, for example that blood pictures of the drivers should be saved and the mechanics also have to submit urine samples regularly.

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That Formula 1 borrows from the ski jumping four-hill tour and especially from tennis, battle in the year 2015 our April Fool's Day idea. According to this, five Grand Prixes in Europe (Barcelona, ​​Monte Carlo, Spielberg, Silverstone and Monza) were to receive a “Spacious Slam” web vow online to upgrade the traditional races. These races, we wrote, are fashioned for the World Cup, but there are also medals in gold, silver and bronze for the High 3 – and of course a golden “Bernie Award” for the overall winner. In addition, the high 3 in the overall ranking should be rewarded with five, three or one million US greenback prize money. In addition, the “Spacious Slam Europe” should be upgraded with one guest starter each: Felix Baumgartner in Austria in the Crimson Bull, Valentino Rossi in Italy in the Ferrari – and so on. A pleasant idea that was not taken up by those responsible for Formula 1 …

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Max Verstappen


Our idea for spectacular sparking became reality Zoom Download

After switching to the quiet V6 hybrid engines in the year 2014 many fans were disturbed by the sound debate and found the spectacle Formula 1 overall not enough exciting. So we published ideas on how to counteract this. For example, America mapped engine mappings that chase unburned gasoline into the exhaust to create spectacular flames. Or strips of magnesium on the underbody, for more sparking. At the first take a look at the Funkenschlag strip in Austria, magnesium became titanium, but Formula 1 actually adapted our idea! A press spokesman for united states of america said later (when we didn't give up on who came up with the idea): “Claim this for yourself.” We have to send the invoice for the consultant fee to Bernie Ecclestone first …

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The constantly changing helmet designs by Sebastian Vettel have united states of america for April Fool's Day in the year 2013 inspired. At that time we spread the message about two alleged FIA guidelines (73 a and 73 b), which force the drivers to cover the entire season with a single helmet design in order to increase the recognition value . In addition, there is a new regulation that the helmets of the drivers of a group must not be too similar. That would have hit Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton, both of whom were out in yellow. But: at the latest when Vettel unpacked his next helmet design, our little fun was blown up. Side note: This April Fool's Day idea is now actually anchored in the Formula 1 regulations!

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Inside of GP Bahrain: In Las Vegas of the East

A look at the regional customs of the venue for the second Spacious Prix of the Formula 1 season 2016 More Formula 1 movies

That many groups united states of american had to fight for survival because they hosted were under enormous pressure, battle in the year 2012 fact (and still is today). Also that Bernie Ecclestone has sent out one or the other “fireman” to help them – in strict secrecy – to help them. And it is obvious that a mass collapse of Formula 1 groups would have had catastrophic consequences for the planned IPO. Battle invented, however, that there should be a solidarity fund, fed by the four large groups for the small groups at risk. Because Solidarity magazine is more common in Formula 1 paddock than many outsiders think, but when United States of America loves money, charity is very limited. By the way: An Austrian free newspaper smoothly took off United States of America's April Fool's joke at the time. We are still amazed at united states of america today how the colleagues got a suitable Ecclestone quote.

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In the year 2011 united states of americader got a reader or two on the glue and took united states of americadie memoir about new test options for newcomers and young drivers. The idea back then: Who 25. 000 on the table, a third car gets one of the cars on Thursday before the race weekend Groups raffled, theoretically can even land in a Ferrari – and may train out of competition. The highlight would have been a show race on Sunday morning. Even if many up-and-coming drivers would have been happy about it, battle naturally pulled the message by the hair …

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on April 1st 2010 we reported that the Virgin crew in the UK had all sorts of resources want to activate in order to be able to do more work in the CFD computers of Slash Wirth. Fans should download an alleged program that Wirth Learn can use part of the computing power of a home PC for their own purposes. Grid computing does exist, but it is of course not used for the purpose of simulating and calculating Formula 1 components.

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Sebastian Vettel, Jerez, Circuit de Jerez

© Getty

The KERS-Draw inspired us 2009 to one of our April fools Zoom Download

In the year 2009 We reported that Friday at the Malaysian Grand Prix fell into the water, as freight containers ignited after a short circuit in a battery pack of a KER-Techniques at the temporary storage of Formula 1 Afford at Kuala Lumpur airport. Since the affected groups have to fly in replacement material from Europe and the other field matter has not yet been released by the police because of the search for clues, the coaching cannot take place on Friday. A colleague from Austrian television has not been speaking well to united states of america since then: It took him hours of research to unmask the news as an April Fool's joke.

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In the season 2008 we reported that the first Formula 1 race under floodlights has to be canceled and the Grand Prix of Singapore has to take place in daylight. The background to this is the fact that the World Automobile Federation FIA cannot adequately guarantee the safety of everyone involved, since two drivers suffer from night blindness. Battle invented the diagnosis of “hemeralopia” as freely as the fact that the FIA ​​was forced to take this clinical picture into account in the future awarding of the super license to the drivers. We would like to apologize to the marketer who subsequently canceled his flight to Singapore …

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In the year 2007 read them with us that Formula 1 from the season 2010 will pursue a technology plan, at the end of which the season 2030 a “zero CO2 Formula 1” will stand, thanks to racing cars powered by electric motors. In the 20 Years in between, Formula 1 should approach this goal step by step, first through an annually tightened petrol limit, then through standard engines in combination with a hybrid drive. Looking back: Quick prophetic, isn't it?

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Juan Pablo Montoya


The chrome painting would have found the FIA ​​to be scrap – we claimed Zoom Download

In the year 2006 united states of america got a few readers and astonishingly many media representatives on the glue, which united states of americadie “message” about a Ve rbot bought the chrome paint from McLaren-Mercedes. A private broadcaster took over the “News” in the teletext, a TV commentator brought the “news” closer to his listeners several times and the phone rang for the Mercedes PR department. The FIA ​​allegedly had to intervene because the car “hardly stands out from the damp race track due to the highly reflective surface when the sun is unfavorable”.

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in the year 2005 we reported that Formula 1 is finally doing something for its fans that is otherwise neglected in comparison to many other racing series. Endemol, Europe's largest producer of television entertainment, is said to have developed a concept together with Renault team boss Flavio Briatore that is unique. In December they wanted to lock up some Formula 1 drivers “Spacious-Brother” -like on Briatores Farm in Kenya and watch them around the clock with cameras. Every day should be broadcast, with highlights of the last 24 hours and various competitions, which are held live.

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Mark Webber

© Crimson Bull

On Formula 1 camel racing? We also had this idea once … Zoom Download

In the year 2004 we fooled our readers with the news that Sheikh Fawaz Bin Mohammed Al Chalifa, Managing Director of the Bahrain Global Circuit, is planning a camel race for the hours before the race in which the team bosses or other team members will compete. The sheikh, we claimed, pay 10. 000 Greenback entry fee per animal and even 50. 000 Greenback when the team boss personally swings on the camel. The money should go to a charitable cause.

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In the year 2003 we reported that the Jordan crew had a 16 – year-old student from England, who should solve the electronics problems of the group. Lionel Michael, who is nicknamed “Mike Byte”, is supposed to be a big Jordan fan about the start problems of the group in the season 2001) and wrote to team principal Eddie Jordan. Incidentally, a well-known German TV broadcaster contacted our editorial team a few days later because they wanted to invite the boy as a talk show guest.

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The best Formula 1 debuts

Masterful debutants: The strongest debuts in Formula 1 – and of course Michael Schumacher should not be missing Further formula -1-Movies

Our announcement on April 1 caused a lot of fuss 2002 . Juan-Pablo Montoya battle on the evening of 31. March at the Brazilian Grand Prix (actually) Michael Schumacher drove into the rear and had lost his front wing. A few hours later, we announced the alleged decision of the race management: If the Colombian drove a front wing again in a similar manner in one of the following four races, he would have to change the front wing himself at the field. Numerous media fell for the joke, especially a leading national daily newspaper that ran the full width of the first sports page: “Montoya as a mechanic”!

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Also the April Fool's joke of the season 2001 one took off united states of america in parts – it appeared among other things in the teletext of some TV Transmitter on. So we reported that Ferrari from the season 2002 no longer goes to initiating up with red cars, but in the traditional color yellow to avoid confusion with the new Toyota crew. We quoted the imaginary Ferrari marketing director Paolo Facorra as saying: “Through our commitment to Formula 1, people have long forgotten that Ferrari's traditional color is not red, but yellow.” The title battle is of course fictitious, even if yellow and not red is Ferrari's company color.

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