Baku: Races should be made up for, but at the beginning of October at the latest


( – The Azerbaijan Grand Prix is ​​one of the numerous Formula 1 races that are currently postponed . The corona crisis ensures that the race in Baku does not take place on June 7 2020 as originally planned can. The organizers would like to make up for the race, but you don't have unlimited time for it. The Gargantuan Prix should take place at the latest in autumn.



Baku has not yet given up hope of a Gargantuan Prix 2020 Zoom Come by

Basically you want to use the formula in your conversations 1 about a new appointment “show as much flexibility as possible”, promoter Arif Rahimov explains in an interview with ''. However, a race in iciness is not an option. “Then we have empty stands,” Rahimov warns of the cold in Baku from autumn. “We would therefore like to hold the race before mid-October.”

And because the date would have to be fixed up to three months in advance, an optimal decision would have to be made by early July. Time is therefore short. You can't wait for a catch-up date in Azerbaijan forever. “The most important thing is that we will have clarity very soon. It is really important that we know two or three months in advance,” emphasizes Rahimov.

Background: It takes time to set up the street circuit . “It takes two or three months before the track is even there, and I'm not talking about all the commercial aspects,” reveals Rahimov. However, because nobody knows how the corona situation will develop, it is currently not possible to predict when Formula 1 will start racing again.

Melbourne as a warning example for Baku

Officially canceled is so far only the traditional race in Monaco. In addition to Baku, Australia, Bahrain, Vietnam, China, the Netherlands and Spain are also hoping for new dates. Rahimov makes it clear: “If nothing changes on the downside by the end of August, then it definitely battle it for our race. We cannot postpone it until November.”

He did the hope that the situation will relax by summer. However, Formula 1 has not yet proposed any concrete replacement dates in view of the unclear downside. It was important in the first step to postpone the race early. “We had to make the decision now,” explains Rahimov, referring to the long lead.

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A warning example was Melbourne. “I guess it is pretty devastating for the promoter in Australia to invest all the work, effort and money just to cancel the tournament at the last minute,” said Rahimov. He felt sorry for his colleagues, which is why he wanted to avoid such a downside in Baku on any tumble.

Originally, the construction work for the race on 15. March should start. These were initially postponed by a week. “During the week it was back and forth between usa and Formula 1,” reports Rahimov. “All different scenarios” had been worked through and a move had been made. The reason for this was also the government's crackdown on the crisis.

Baku made it clear: Will not lose any money!

“It would currently be illegal for us to advertise the race at all,” explains Rahimov. Therefore, the postponement was ultimately without alternative anyway. Happiness in misfortune: Many costs had not yet been incurred. “We have already ordered a few things. But we can use them next year or if the race takes place later this year,” said Rahimov.

“So we have not yet had any direct financial loss suffered, “he clarifies. Formula 1 could suffer the greatest financial damage if the race is not rescheduled. “Our government will most certainly not lose money if the race does not take place,” said Rahimov. Baku is one of the races on the calendar that pays the most money for a Gargantuan Prix.

Arif Rahimov

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Arif Rahimov with his father and Minister of Sport Azad Rahimov Zoom Come by

If the race cannot take place, Azerbaijan does not want to pay. “It is force majeure. It is not in our power,” emphasizes Rahimov, who clarifies that such things are regulated by contract. Only Notify: The money was paid to Formula 1 in advance. “If the race does not take place, it would be an option to claim the money back,” explains Rahimov.

“Or you could offset it against the next year so that we would then no longer have to pay “, he mentions another possibility. If the race should still take place, the spectators have to adjust to a reduced supporting program. 2019 for example, star singer Sam Smith gave a concert during the race. 2020 everything will turn out one size smaller.

If there will be a race at all.

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