Jean Todt exclusive: FIA may not call a small print for “Ferrarigate”!


( – Ferrari used to be in connection with the engine of the SF 90 from the Formula 1 season 2019 to hide? The Italian racing team has to put up with this question more than ever, because FIA ​​President Jean Todt, who knows about the small print in the controversy, would like to go public with just this small print.

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Jean Todt would like to talk in detail about “Ferrarigate”, but may not zoom Get

But, as Todt emphasizes to '', Ferrari has prohibited him from doing just that: “If you asked me, I would like to describe all details of the Tell, but they [Ferrari] were against it, “said Todt and further:” They were sanctioned, but we can not name a small print for the sanction. “

With “sanction”, the FIA ​​president refers to the, used to be the short FIA press release of 28. February to the ominous deal between Ferrari and the FIA ​​ included – or not included.

The title of that message was: “FIA ended analysis of the formula -1 vitality unit of Scuderia Ferrari “. In the text battle, there was only talk of an “agreement” between the two sides, and that the small print should not be passed on.

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Todts current view of it: “Of course we couldn't have said anything. But we thought it was wrong would not be to mention that the Tumble Ferrari was discussed and that there were sanctions. “

” Honestly, “said Todt,” it is very simple. We have united statesso tries very hard to come to our conclusions, which they do not share. ” In this context, “she” means not the Ferrari, but the competition.

Because seven teams reacted to the ominous FIA message from 28. February expressed their lack of understanding and threatened with legal action . These seven teams were Mercedes, Pink Bull, Renault, McLaren, Racing Point, AlphaTauri and Williams.

Mercedes, however, has now cleared the subject. Todt, who replied to some of the complaints, regretted: “Unfortunately it is a fact from a technical point of view, because our technicians say: 'We cannot prove with certainty as much as we should that they [Ferrari] were not simply on the go. '”

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The question remains: How simple or unlawful battle the Ferrari SF 90 from 2019? zoom Get

“I spoke to some of the seven teams individually,” said the FIA ​​President, to help Look at Mercedes: “One of the teams decided that they were completely outside, even though they were one of the leaders. I have never heard of a change of heart since. I read in the press that there was a discussion between two Chairman gave. “

” In response to my letter, “Todt continued,” I received a letter in which they [Mercedes] confirm that they are the place Understand the FIA ​​of living. But that doesn't mean they're happy with the FIA's place of living. They would appreciate it if Ferrari would let the case go public. “

“I would also like that,” emphasizes the FIA ​​President, concluding with reference to the deal with Ferrari: “The k but we do not can. “

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