(Motorsport-Total.com) – Sports director Ross Brawn still hopes that it will be a reasonably normal – if this is possible in the current project – Formula 1 season 2020 will give. He recently announced that for an originate in summer up to 19 races are possible . Against 'Sky' he now reaffirms that he wants to start the season as quickly as possible .

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Ross Brawn wants to hold races again as soon as possible zoom Salvage

“Of course, we have to keep the United States government policy,” Brawn said. “But I think that at some point people have to go back to work,” said the 65 – year olds. The big question right now is when that will be the Descend. Nobody can foresee that because nobody knows for sure how the Corona virus project will develop in the individual countries.

Because of this, it would even be possible that the crisis would still develop until the year 2021 Brawn does not want to wait until the virus has completely disappeared. He suggests that races can be held again beforehand if there are “significantly more precautions than before”. Brawn recalls: “This disease has massive social and economic effects.”

Brawn warns: “If the sport collapses … “

” You have to take this into account when deciding when the time has come is to return [zur Normalität], “said the Formula 1 sports director. Used to be he means: COVID – 19 is far from being more just a threat to human health. The virus has also plunged the global economy into crisis. Brawn does not want to reduce the health risk from the virus.

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“But the economic and social effects of the disease are slowly becoming a real factor,” he emphasizes and explains : “We have to find a steadiness that makes it possible to regain a certain normalcy. Sport is an important factor for the well-being of people. It entertains them, it occupies them and there are many definite emotions associated with them.”

He also recalls that many jobs are at stake in Formula 1 as well. “We employ thousands of people. If the sport breaks down, several thousand people lose their jobs,” said Brawn, who also knows that the situation will not relax overnight. Rather, there will be a “transition phase”.

How would you react to another corona case?

It would not go so “that it is okay on one mark and not on the other”, is Brawn aware. He therefore hopes that one can slowly return to normality in the transition phase mentioned. However, one has to “be as careful as possible to minimize the risk,” said Brawn. Maybe you could then race again.

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However, some questions remain unanswered in this scenario. Would be used to be, for example, if a Descend like Melbourne occurs when a McLaren employee tested positive for the corona virus? “We would have to look at the circumstances then. Battle it in the factory or on the track? And we would have to have a thought to deal with it,” says Brawn 1 sent part of its employees in the UK to short-time work this week . Brawn and the other management levels were reduced by 20 percent.

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