(Motorsport-Total.com) – If you drive for Ferrari in Formula 1, you don't drive for an ordinary racing team. Ferrari is associated with a very special attitude towards life. Hardly anyone knows this better than Sebastian Vettel, who 2015 for the Scuderia is launching. “The strength of our group is the passion for Ferrari. That drives people to go to work every morning,” reveals Vettel in an interview with 'Motorsport-Total.com' .

Sebastian Vettel, Marc Gene, Charles Leclerc

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“Ferrari is a legend, a myth. Being part of this story is something special,” the two-time world champion shows humbly. With regard to the special attitude to life, he explains: “Ferrari is on the one hand very Italian, with very Italian rules and traditions. It is great that this is preserved. At the same time, Ferrari is also very unique.”

“This is sometimes misunderstood when looking outside at Ferrari and Italy because there is a lot of tradition, 'La Mama', and so on,” says Vettel and makes it clear: “But people are very future-oriented and we have many young talents in our crew, with creative, great ideas. It is a shame that we have not yet had a breakthrough in terms of results. “

Photo gallery: Sebastian Vettel's most controversial moments

Mit vier WM-Titeln zählt Sebastian Vettel zu den erfolgreichsten Formel-1-Fahrern der Gegenwart. Doch sein Weg ist, wie bei fast jedem großen Piloten der Geschichte, nicht nur gezeichnet von Erfolgen und Siegen - sondern auch von einigen umstrittenen Situationen. Wir schauen auf die kontroversesten Momente rund um Sebastian Vettel.

With four World Cup titles includes Sebastian Vettel the most successful Formula 1 drivers of today. However, as with speedily every great pilot in history, his path is not only marked by successes and victories – but also by some controversial situations. We look at the most controversial moments around Sebastian Vettel. Photo gallery

2020 Vettel starts the sixth attempt to finally fulfill his dream of the world title with the Scuderia. “I am convinced that united states will one day succeed,” the German continues to be optimistic. But this will only be possible if everyone pulls together in Maranello. In any case, Vettel has now settled in more than five years in the crew.

“The joy of life of the Italians is certainly very different from that of the Germans,” he reported and explains: “Let's take it for example the food. In Italy it's not just about the food itself, but a food is a social event. The Italians place a lot more value on their food. They sit together at a table, enjoy it, have a good time , forget everything else and live in the second. “

” That is a great strength, I think, “says Vettel, who also clarifies:” But I am probably not predestined for this Answer the question. I'm neither particularly German nor overly Italian. A bit like a hybrid. ” That actually sounds like a good mix – and not that Vettel plans to leave Scuderia after this season.

His current contract in Maranello runs after the season 2020 out.

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