Russell: “Rusted” opponents as likelihood for Williams at the restart of the season


( – If the Formula 1 season 2020 really in July can start in Spielberg , then the 20 Pilots had not sat in their cars for more than four months at this point. Williams driver George Russell believes that a likelihood for outsiders could arise because some drivers may not be able to 100 will be percent.

George Russell


George Russell believes that opportunities may arise in the first races zoom Download

“Usually everyone is at an incredibly high level,” explains the Briton to '' and recalls: “They are the best drivers in the world and we actually drive so much that you can’t get out of practice.” That was different at the beginning of the season 2020. Nobody has been in a real Formula 1 car since the test drives at the end of February.

“If people are a bit rusty and make mistakes, it will be the case in the first races. That's why I have to make sure that I am not one of them, “says Russell, explaining:” From the team perspective, I have to motivate the guys around me and say, 'Okay, this is an opportunity that we will never get again.' “

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The message to his crew: “'Let America make sure that we get the most out of the first races when it starts again.'” Russell himself does everything to ensure that the planned Kick off in Austria as close as possible to 100 percent. He used the time in quarantine to work even more on his already good Effectively being.

“But I think it will be incredibly hard for America. You can do so much train as you want, but you will still lose racing fitness, “explains the Williams driver and reveals:” Running in the garden or lifting weights in the gym is not the same as with 200 miles of skilled hour driving in Silverstone. “

He therefore prophesies:” The g-forces will hit America hard in the first practicing after return. ” The focus is primarily on the pilots' neck muscles, which first have to get used to the high forces in the cockpit. Russell therefore wants to do everything to ensure that he does not run out of steam in the first races after the restart.

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