Bernie Ecclestone: “Formula 1 is not good without Ferrari”


( – Bernie Ecclestone sees the greater damage for Formula 1 than for Ferrari itself, should the Italians carry out their renewed threats and get out of the premier class. “I think that Formula 1 would not be good without Ferrari,” said the Briton in conversation with 'Autocar' .

Bernie Ecclestone, Sebastian Vettel


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The name Ferrari, on the other hand, is so big that they would also be a big number if they got out of Formula 1. “Even if they don't win in Formula One, you can ask anyone on the street who is world champion – and they would just say Ferrari,” said Ecclestone.

Ferrari had in the course of the new budget limit last announced that other options could be considered if it gets too low. Later, the Scuderia stressed that it was a misunderstanding.

It was not the first time that Ferrari was threatening to exit Formula 1. Over the past few years, such words have been heard more often – be it because of the engines, the distribution of revenue or even because of a planned budget limit.

Photo gallery: Every year again: Chronology of the F1 exit threats from Ferrari

1986: Yes, already in the 80 ern toying Ferrari with a Formula 1 exit. At that time, Enzo Ferrari personally approved the construction of an IndyCar because he was dissatisfied with the announced new engine regulations for the premier class. The Ferrari 637 (photo) penned by Gustav Brunner is even built – but never used. Photo gallery

The former Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone doesn't want to have noticed anything. “I'm not a man who takes notice of anything other than became once he wants to,” he says. “If Ferrari wanted to go, they should have done it. But they never did,” he dismisses.

Especially from Ferrari President Enzo Ferrari, he only has good memories: “He always told me that once was gone, even if he was busy struggle to tell everyone else the opposite.”

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