James Allison: Sports spirit distinguishes Hamilton from other legends


(Motorsport-Total.com) – Lewis Hamilton is on the verge of breaking some of Michael Schumacher's records, which are considered unattainable: he is only missing one of the seven World Championship titles, on which 91 Big Prix victories only seven pieces left , and in pole positions, Hamilton is even the leader of the perpetual leaderboard (88: 68).

Lewis Hamilton und James Allison


James Allison admires Lewis Hamilton for his athletic integrity zoom Acquire

James Allison worked with both: In the 1990 years as a young engineer at Benetton with Schumacher, currently as a technical director at Mercedes with Hamilton. And he thinks Hamilton is different from many other greats in Formula 1 history: his integrity as a sportsman.

“He has won several world championships and countless races, but if you look at his career lit up, you can hardly find a moment on the track where he would have used to be unpleasant, “says Allison in an interview on the YouTube channel of the Mercedes Group .

Hamilton had shown “many breathtaking maneuvers” and “many courageous actions” during his career, but was “never anyone driving into the car unfairly “. Very different from other legends of sports actions, such as Schumacher or Ayrton Senna, who were repeatedly involved in controversy.

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“I hope that he will stay like this for the relaxation of his career, because that is a flawless record. It is unique among multiple world champions, so successful to be without a hint of bad sportsmanship. That's impressive, I think, “says Allison.

Another characteristic” that makes Lewis so special “is in his eyes:” Lewis is now one of the oldest drivers in Formula 1 – but still drives like one of the youngest! “

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